Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mr. Ryder

Oh Ryder Lee... You are a crazy little boy! I thought you didn't need monthly updates anymore at this age, but boy you are always throwing me for a loop how fast you're changing!

These pictures are a perfect reason why your little brother's face is plastered all over this blog right now, and yours doesn't make an appearance quite as often :)

You are finally liking this school thing! I knew if I just kept up with it you would adjust just fine. I know it's great for you. You come home learning new things every single day, and you love Miss Kristen, Miss Evelyn, and a cute girl in your class you've named Little Ally. I'm so glad you love school now even if you did break my heart the first two months.

Your teachers tell me you are the most outgoing during praise and worship at school. I just love that :) I just hope your don't break out your moves to the Your Sexy as You Know It song because they are so not Christian school appropriate!

You told me the other day that you learn about Jesus at school. I said that's great Ryder who is he. You responded back, "He's the guy in the blue shirt on the t.v." Clearly we have a long way to go in this department!

You learned about fire safety last week in school. This weekend Mack yelled at the t.v. that one of the Dolphins coaches needed to be fired. You said back, "No Mack they just need to stop, drop, and roll." You crack me up big guy!

T-Ball is still a work in progress, but we are making great strides. You still think Daddy is part of the team (we knew he'd get picked up again!), but I truly believe you'll be out there on your own by the end of the season. You are warming up to Coach Victor and have a cute friendship going with a little boy named Cameron. I'm not sure if I've blogged about it yet, but his family is from the Cincinnati area, and they always have Reds gear on as well. We later found out his mom graduated from GW where Derrik went to college... small world!

In the end I think you just don't like new people. Once you warm up to people you are very outgoing. Mommy and Daddy need to remember that and just have patience with you.

You are doing so great with swimming! I think you can do it 100% on your own, but I'd prefer not to find out if you can't so we leave the floaty on while your playing alone with supervision. When we are in the pool with you though you can swim the whole length of the pool, jump in and get out on your own, and can swim to the bottom to get things off the bottom of the pool without any floaty.

You change every day. We love you so much big boy!

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