Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Oldest Baby

I usually like to stick to talking about my two little guys, but it's fun to talk about the oldest love of my life sometimes too!!

Derrik has been doing such an amazing job officiating for football this season. He got involved with a really great group down in Collier County who has opened up a lot of opportunities to him. Typically you have to put in your time to move up in the system. Usually you need at least three years experience to even be asked to do some varsity games. Derrik has been doing the varsity games every Friday in his second year, has been asked to white hat (be the lead official on the field) freshman and JV games the last two weeks, and due to tons of rain last night was asked to white hat a varsity football game this morning!! I am so proud of him for finding something he loves and am so thankful these people have given him the opportunity to advance as fast as he has. Maybe his dream can come true, and he can start working his way up the college ranks soon.

Football season ends soon which means basketball season is coming. He's already assigned to 56 games during the months of November and December! I guess we won't be seeing much of him!!

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~Rachel said...

That's awesome! So so glad that he is enjoying what he is doing!