Thursday, October 20, 2011

Enjoying Fall

It is gorgeous out today! We paid for it with two days of non stop rain waiting for this cold front, but it was worth it!! It is the perfect temperature out today! I texted Amanda pretty much begging her to ignore her kids schedule and spend the day with us. I met her at the mall for lunch and took Sophia to surprise Ryder at school while Amanda got her oil changed. We all meet back up at a local park. It was such a great afternoon together once again....

The kids in the car on the way. I was impressed three car seats fit in my back seat.

Loving the fresh air!

Racing down the slides

Walking by themselves on the boardwalk because they are big kids

Looking for alligators

He was loving the breeze!!

Jumping off the table for entertainment while Soso went to the potty. Pretty sure it was acceptable because of how dirty the table was... Check it out in the picture above.

Walking on the tracks

Best friends

Mommy-hood at its finest :)

And this is what's going on while I blog in the car in the driveway :)

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