Saturday, September 10, 2011

To the inside....

My family has a new favorite boating spot. Our little spot on the Florida water with no real name. We just refer to it at the "inside spot" opposed to the other spot on the outside of the island which leads into the big scary Gulf of Mexico. Ryder loves it and plays in the water the whole time we are there. Whenever we go there though I always wish Derrik was there. It's always like something is missing. He of course didn't want to go today because he'd much rather stay home and watch college football, but I'm pretty sure he's glad he made the trip.... and I could finally relax now that my whole family is in one spot enjoying stuff like this together... my heart is finally happy :)

Our boys on the ride out

Ryder was off in the water the second we got there so we settled for a family picture of three

Such a fish... Could swim all day!

This little guy was such a champ! He doesn't love the boat yet, but tolerates it well. He did great today and even enjoyed a little snooze.

My boy checking out the water.... He was not sinking with his life vest and tube!

And our view for the day....

And I love technology..... As my boys snooze on the way home, I edited my pictures and posted a blog from my phone :)

Be ready for my boys annual start of football season pictures in their jerseys tomorrow.... plus one this year! Daddy's got his hands full!!

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