Friday, September 23, 2011

Landon Brennan - 5 Months Old

*** Sorry for the post a day late... I had this all written out and our internet went down, and I lost it all. So fun typing it up twice... UGH!**

Five months buddy! Can I keep you right at this age forever? You are PERFECT! I know what's to come. I know you are about to start moving all over the place, that childproofing is right around the corner, and all of that fun stuff. PLEASE just stay a baby for a long time because this is flying by, and i'm enjoying it wayyyyy too much for it to be over soon.

I just re-read your four month post, and you still like attention. You aren't needing to be held as much because you are finally "playing" in some sense. You now focus on toys and grab at them with ease. You have quite a few favorites, and I try to introduce new ones every couple of days to keep you happy. When you do want attention though you have developed this new high pitch scream. It is too funny because you do it when we put you in your car seat, stroller, and whenever you are over something. It is not a cry at all and totally on purpose. You kind of sound like a little girl with the squeal :) Your favorite place to be is the high chair with toys and your exersaucer. You sit straight up in the high chair now and have started to swivel with ease in the exersaucer. You don't really bounce in it too much yet. I'm sure you will because Ryder use to rock that thing!


You are in the size 3 diapers. Your clothes I feel like I can never keep up on. I finally think to myself you are set for clothes for a little while, but that "little while" only really lasts like two weeks before you start growing out of something else. As you can see in these pictures clearly we need to get some bigger onesies. We don't wear them much because it's SO hot here. You are outgrowing a lot of your shirts. Thanks to Grammy we have plenty of jammies. She is sweet enough to bring home about a pair a week. Your shorts are six months, shirts 6-9, one piece outfits anywhere from 6-12, and jammies 12 months fit best. You do wear some bigger sizes in a few things but simply because they are around from your big brother.


You are still on six ounce bottles. You have one first thing in the morning, after your morning nap, before your afternoon nap, after your afternoon nap, and before bed. We are pretty consistent with the solidas now that you have a bigger interest in the last two-ish weeks. In the mornings you have a fruit and some baby rice and in the evening you have a vegetable and some baby rice. I think you have tried all of the step one baby foods. You love them all except the green veggies. You seem to kind of accept green beans but won't even think about the peas. Of course now I tend to not give them to you because it's annoying to fight you on them. We have a pretty good supply of the step one foods so we will move up to the step two once we run out.


You are definitely an expert in this category! We generally give you your last bottle around 7:00 and have you in bed at about 7:30. We don't ever hear from you before 8:00, but lately it's more like 9:00-9:30 especially on mornings you stay home with Daddy while I take Ryder to school. You only woke up once during the night this month for a bottle, and it was while you had a cold. PLEASE have a talk with your big brother about your sleep habits. He could use some advice!!

Some Other Things:

You finally rolled over this month. I would not call you an officially roller though. You rolled over twice in one day around the middle of the month and once another day. I'm not sure three rolls classifies you are a roller buddy :) I looked at Ryder's stats, and he rolled for the first time the day he turned five months so at least you are ahead of him. Friends who have babies your age say their little ones are rolling all over the place. I guess you just aren't interested. I'm pretty content with you staying in one place because I know it'll only last for so long so i'm soaking it in.

You wouldn't cooperate at all sitting for pictures today, but you are getting pretty decent at it. Sometimes you hold yourself up a little better and other times you look like a pancake laying on your legs. I think we might get some super cute six month photos next month with my big guy sitting :) I don't look forward to some stages, but sitting is my favorite!

You recognize your name now. I love when someone comes into the room and calls your name. You look around searching for where the noise is coming from and get the biggest grin as soon as you find them.

You and your big brother are becoming friends fast. You like to lay on the floor with him and watch him play. Just last night for the first time you belly laughed. You did it because he was being silly in the bath tub with you. I'm pretty sure it made my heart smile :) You two are going to be the best of friends, and i'm going to enjoy every second of it.

A failed attempt at sitting pictures...

Two of your favorite things to do in life:

1. Stand up

2. Chew on your fingers. You gag yourself multiple times a day doing this.

My favorite thing this month was watchign the two of you fall head of heels in love with each other. You loved each other before we left Arizona, but this is at a whole new level. Watchign you two this month has been the best :)

See you in a month for the big 1/2 year post. Crazy huh?!

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