Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Turning Three - The Party

What an amazing party Ryder had for his 3rd birthday. I've never been a big believer in doing birthday parties at places because the kids never seem to get quality time with their friends so the traditional pool party is always the option for us until Ryder can decide otherwise. However he did get to pick the theme this year. We went to the party store and walked down the aisle with all the different themes. He was excited over the Cars but we've done that, he really liked the pirate stuff, Mickey is always close to his heart, but the Backy's (Backyardigan's in Ryder language) Ryder LOVEDDDDD!! There was pretty much no talking him out of it when he saw it. The Backyardigan's is a really cute cartoon with five friends that transform their backyard into imaginary stories each episode. I wasn't crazy over it because it seemed kind of babyish and not the boy theme everyone would expect, but my mom assured me there were plenty of years in the future for cute pirate parties and that he would only be three once. So Backy's it was!

We put Ryder down for an early nap that day and woke him up a little before everyone would be arriving. He woke up SO excited for his birthday party :)

Look at that 3 year old face... I just love him!

The Backyardigans cake

Auntie Hailey, Sophia, and Courtney enjoying a snack at the party

Ryder's much older friend Dakota who turned 3 the month before :)

Baby Landon loving all the attention


An attempt at a group shot...

First: we had 18 kids! OMG

Second: well over half are girls... he'll have no problems getting a girlfriend down the road!

Love the smile when everyone is singing to him

He loves all the attention

Blowing out he candles

Auntie Ally and Riley

Megan and Connor

Love Ryder, Finley, and Sophia inspecting the icing to know were to start

Oh Jack and those blue eyes....


Love you and your messy eating ways Soso

Ryder and Connor... two of a kind right here :)

Dakota stayed for an after party... He's always wanting to come over and play at Kevin Winter's house, and clearly Ryder enjoys his company!

Rough playing on the couch....

Playing one of Ryder's new games

Thank you SOOO incredibly much to everyone who came to Ryder's party. It's always nice to feel so much love from friends and family after we have been away for so long :)

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Tricia said...

Looks like an awesome time!!! And don't go putting Ryder back on the market! His girlfriend in AZ is still gaga over him!!!! (: Miss you guys!