Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Help From the Big Brother

Sunday morning when I took Chloe out I could feel a little chill in the air, not much, but enough to get you a little excited :) I opened all the windows up and decided to take the boys to the park.

68* on our way to the park! Amazing!!
 Landon and Ryder did so well at the park this time. Landon is getting steadier on his feet these days, and with a little help down stairs from his big brother they hardly needed any assitance from me.

Here are some photos of Ryder helping Landon get up to the slide

 And of course helping him get high like "Sky Rush" (the big roller coaster at Hershey Park... everything is Ryder's life is related to Hershey Park these days).
 Landon walks up to this wall every time we leave this walk and says cheese... he cracks me up!
It just makes me so happy when I tell Ryder to go play at the park and he tells me "No Mommy, I have to wait for Landon. He's my friend". How sweet is that? Love these boys :) 

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