Monday, August 20, 2012

Life Lately...

As usual... Lots of random photos of my two little guys...

What is this face?!
 Landon has two favorite hobbies... one is emptying my cabinets... and the other hobby is a few pictures down
 Silly boy
 At it again...
 Ryder spent a day recently at the park with Me-Maw, Poppy and the boys

 Checking out the local bounce place U Bounce
 Playing in Dalton's police car
 They were so excited to lite off some fireworks!
 The fort the boys made for their sleepover... Ryder had another successful sleepover :)
 The boys came to our house the next day for another sleepover, but two nights in a row might have been too much for these little guys. They are excited for their sleepover this weekend for Ryder's birthday!
 Landon's second hobby... changing shoes! Obsessed he is! These are his new slippers. He prefers a pair of Crocs we have that are too small for him. He wears them all day around the house. Mommy needs to get him a new pair desperately!!
 Another day... Another ride in the Caddy :)
 Sweet Dalton :)
 Double bite marks from his evil little brother
 Enjoying another night at "Hershey Parks" as Ryder likes to call it
 Ryder and Derrik are in the second row on the Sooper Dooper Looper.. Hands Up :)
 Ryder's favorite time of the week is always when he's reunited with these two crazies :)
Having fun at pizza the other night
 Saturday morning we had an UGLY grocery shopping experience!
I was "that mom" with the whining crying toddlers and the tantrum throwing baby the whole way through the grocery store.
Lots of deep breaths... and LONG naps when we got home!!
 They weren't quite so cranky this morning :)
 Ryder trying to ship himself to Grammy's house... I wish it was that simple!

That's all for now... it's the big birthday week this week! Someone is REALLY excited!! Five more days!!

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The Smith's said...

the Super Dooper Looper was my 1st upside down roller coaster!!!!