Sunday, August 19, 2012

Me-Maw's Big Day

We were lucky to be around for Me-Maw's birthday this year. Luckily with this big family we will be around for lots of birthdays :) Poppy called me the day before and asked if we could get some pictures of Tina with all of her boys.... it was LONG over due!!

Me-Maw with all her boys...
One hubby, four lovely sons, and her two favorite nephews :)
 Derrik and his three brothers
 The whole family :)
 The cousins
 We tried to add in Grammy and Pop, but the kids were over it!
 Hanging with Poppy in the backyard
 Waiting for cake!!!
 Getting a little over excited and banging on the table for some cake!!

 The race to blow out the candle!! We had to relite it so each could blow it out on their own.
These two little guys both get to blow out candles for their own birthday candles really soon!!
 Landon in the arms of the infamous Pop...
I think this was only the 2nd or 3rd time the boys have met Pop (Ryder did as a baby before), but he is already so high on their list of favorite people since he gifted us the Cadillac! They absolutely love him!!
 Just love him :) It's been so fun to really get to know Dalton the past couple of months. He was always too little and by the time he warmed up to me our vacations were always over.

 Clearly they don't get "say cheese" just means to smile.. they were screaming it here...

 Hanging out with David in the castle
 Tommy get the missile from the dart gun... these boys! There are WAY too many of them in this family :)

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