Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ryder's Birthday Weekend

Ryder's birthday was such a great time!! I think he really enjoyed himself all weekend long celebrating :) Although his birthday wasn't until Saturday, Daddy and him began celebrating on Friday morning when they went golfing with some family. I texted Daddy to take some pictures, but he said he didn't get the text until after they were done. He said that Ryder is already becoming quite the golfer! He loves it, and we were already browsing the golf section at Dick's the other night getting ideas for Christmas.
Mack, Grammy, Auntie Ally, Auntie Hailey, and Uncle Ryan shipped a huge box from Florida full of lots of gifts for Ryder. They wanted to Skype Friday night while he opened since they knew he'd be so busy on Saturday. Ryder was so anxious to open the box, but we were waiting for them to get home. Miss Tricia and Page had sent Ryder a gift from Arizona so I let him open that to hold him over. It did just that!!
Check out Ryder's new drum set!
 Anxiously waiting for his Skype call to open all these gifts!
 Ryder LOVES popping the air packs that come in packages these days so that helped pass time too!
(Sorry for the undies shots... he's alwasy in undies at home because he's such a sweaty boy!)
 I did not get any pictures of him opening his gifts. I was busy trying to help Ryder with his gifts and keeping Landon off the computer during our Skype call! Rest assured he got lots of wonderful gifts that he LOVES... Including this pit crew shirt with his name on it!! Ryder and Daddy had a date at the horse track that night, and he was very excited to wear it there!!
 A jockey at the horse track must have known it was hours until his special day because he gave him these race goggles!! :)
 The next morning Ryder woke unusually early and crawled into bed with us at 6:50. He whispered to me, "Mommy did it happen? Did I turn four?" He was SOO excited!! I tucked the birthday boy in with Daddy while I jumped in the shower to get our long day ahead started. Soon after I got out though he couldn't wait another second. We then headed out to the kitchen to check out the gifts!
 I think he likes it :)
 How sweet is my birthday boy?!
 Awfully excited about his Car 2 Nintendo DS game!
 He also got an Eagles t-shirt, monster trucks, and a cars race track.
A sweet pictures of my birthday boy with his Daddy :)
 Since our morning got started so early we thought we'd go get some donuts to eat on our way to Bounce U... Don't they look thrilled? lol
 Landon was happy
This dude opted to show his true colors even on his birthday... He refused to eat donuts because he wanted to go to Bounce U right then. He did settle for some chocolate milk though.
 Next up was Bounce U!
When we got in the parking lot Ryder ran out of the car shouting, "Me-maw I did it! I turned 4!"
How cute is that?! We opted for the open bounce time since we didn't have enough kids to make it worth our money to rent the place out for a party. We got so lucky and only one other mom and her kid showed up for the open bounce so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.
First up... The slide...
Birthday Boy!
 Me-Maw and Dalton
 Poppy and Ryder
 We had a ton of fun on the obstacle course having races as well...
Here is a shot of Ryder just beating out his Daddy.
 Derrik beating up Noah in a boxing match
 Poppy and Landon taking some batting practice.
I love how serious Tom's face it concentrating and Landon isn't even looking :)
 Dalton doing the obstacle course
 Noah trying to take Derrik on at something else.. a little basketball contest.... I don't think he'll ever learn, and of course Derrik never takes it easy on him!
We made a pit stop to Lowe's on the way home.
Tina and Tom (Me-Maw and Poppy) gave Derrik a grill as a belated birthday present.. we are ver excited!
Meanwhile... I tried to get a shot of these three... they weren't having it!
 We then headed home so the boys could nap and Derrik and I could get ready for all our family coming over to celebrate with our big guy!
Uncle Tommy is a baker and made Ryder this awesome Monster Jam cake!!

 Officially survived four years of parenting our little guy :)
 Everyone started arriving around five. We were just having a low-key get together. We ordered some pizza, had a few appetizers, cake and ice cream, and of course presents :)

 The boys had been playing upstairs most of the night in Ryder's room, but came down and said they were having a dance party....
 Not too sure about Ryder's dance move...
 Cole attemmpting the worm
 Shakin' his booty
 Ryder was doing so good for pictures on his birthday... Cole and Dalton weren't really feeling me!
Or Ryder is just use to it :)
 Still dancing
 This guy is super into saying "CHEESEEEEE"
 Dalton breakin' it down
 There "I'm Sexy and I Know It" pose
 and one last dance party shot...
 Noah is always getting picked on... He's either the oldest in the group or the youngest
 The boys playing with the new hoop!
 Poppy and Landon
It was finally time for gifts!!
Ryder was SOO excited for his new Monster Jam game for his DS. We lost his old one and this new one is even cooler!!
 Checking out his new memory game
 Uncle Tommy surprised Ryder with a new tennis racquet. Tommy and Derrik went to play tennis the other day and it got ugly when Tommy needed to take one of his raquets back home. I think it made it up to him :)
 Someone is ready for football season!
 A new soccer ball!! Ryder has been wanting one forever now... we just signed him up for soccer this fall as well :)
 Time for a soccer game in the back yard

 Getting a pep-talk from Poppy

 Landon and Aunt Robin
 A little corn-hole in the front yard

 And... time for cake!

 Everyone finally headed out around 11, and these three stayed the night. They were all ready to crash so it wasn't too hard. I did walk upstairs about twenty minutes later when I didnt hear anything and thought they were asleep. Dalton told me he wanted his Mommy and Daddy's house and then Ryder started to cry. Noah got the boot to the sleeping bag and I crawled into bed with Ryder and Dalton until they crashed. I don't think I have too many more years left that boys at my son's sleepovers will need to cuddle :) so i'll gladly help out and enjoy it while I can.
 It was a pretty easy sleepover.... Ryder was up unusally early again (just made up for it with a three horus nap) at 6:30, but the rest didn't stir until after nine.
Eating some cinnamon rolls for breakfast... Cole was saying "I knew you were going to take our picture" as I snapped this. He's learned my ways so well in the few short months we've been here :)
 Once Cole and Dalton headed home Ryder asked if him and Noah could head out to play some soccer. He looks pretty awesome huh?!
Ryder had such an amazing weekend! Thank you so much to all our friends and family near and far for helping make our little guy feel so special on his big day!!

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