Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some Stats on the Little Guy

I figured it was time for a little update on our little guy. We all know how quick kiddos change at this age, and I know it's been a while since an update on him... probably his birthday? I was going to wait until I had some photos, but I just napped a few random shots he happened to be in from some birthday pictures we did of Ryder yesterday (can you believe Ryder is almost four?!)

Landon Brennan - 15 1/2 months
Weight: 25lbs 9oz (61st percentile)
Length: 34in (98th percentile)

Ryder's at 15 months
Weight: 25lb 1oz
Height: 32in

I guess Landon is an even taller guy then his brother! Hard to believe since Ryder is so tall for his age. We liked our new pediatrician and am glad to finally have that established since winter season and school is coming upon us here soon. We all know that means lots of coughing and sneezing. Last year I swear our pediatrician's office was like our second home.

Shirts: Oh gosh... We just pulled out some of Ryder's old clothes. I'd say you are in 18months, but are wearing anything from 18months-3T since it's just sitting around already waiting for you.

Pants: 18-24 months

Shoes: Size 6.... You insist on wearing your shoes ALL-THE-TIME! Especially a pair of brown Crocs which are too small. If you walked into our house most days you'd find Landon in his diaper and Crocs. You whine while I am changing your diaper at the changing table until I get them out of the basket and put them on. If there is a pair by the front door and you see them you will hold them up to me to put on. I tell you to sit and your plop down and hold your feet up.

You have 12 Teeth... Your four top, four bottom, and a molar on each side top and bottom. Your top right tooth got a chip in it! We were at Burger King with you in a high chair and your just put your head forward and banged it. It looked really painful and the next day I noticed the chip in your little tooth. You are also really great with brushing your teeth lately. Every night when I get your out of your bath and wrap you up in your towel you point to your toothbrush. I sit down with you and you lean back, open your mouth, and let me brush! Thank God for this because your brother never did, and you weren't having it until recently either. Makes life much easier!!

Your hair is suddenly just as blonde as Ryder's, but I think appears darker because you have dark eyebrows while Ryder's are blonde. We have been keeping up with the mowhawk look, but i'm thinking a cute buzz cut might be in your future.
 Sleep: Your sleep is wonderful!! You have really always been a great sleeper except right at the end of us living at my parents and having to have you in the same room as us. Right now you sleep from 7:30 at night until 9-9:20 in the morning. You also nap from about 1-2 in the afternoon until 4-5. I am so thankful for your amazing sleep habits... keep up the good work sweet boy!

Talking: Your speech is far beyond what your brothers was at this age. Ryder didn't say more then a handful of words until well after his second birthday. I think Landon is already well beyond this. He says hi, bye, Daddy, Mommy, Ryder, Chloe, and Ally all so others could understand. His other words he says that we understand him are cheese (for pictures), milk, shoes, ball, ba ba ba (Bubble Guppies), belly, yes, doggy... and of course I can't think of any more, but that's what is coming into my head right now. You also recognize many more words. For instance you will point to the counter and whine, and i'll say "You want popcorn", and you respond "Yes" with a huge smile. You do the same for other snacks, if you just want to eat in your high chair, you know to run to the bath when I say it's bath time, you know to go to your changing table for a diaper change or to get dressed, you know your crib is bed. You are getting very good with routine and understand what is going on. You also love to wave and say hi and bye to everyone and anyone. It's quite a fun time when you do this while shopping.

Eating: I feel like with food you are hit or miss when it comes to actually eating. You like everything it's just whether you want to eat or not eat that day. One thing you never turn down is a nice cold sippy cup of whole milk. Some days I think you survive solely on milk. Other days you chow down everything in site. Your main food staples are chicken, hot dogs, mac 'n cheese, ham, turkey, cheese, tomatoes, bananas, waffles, cereal, fruit snacks, popcorn, goldfish, yogurt, and hard boiled eggs. You typically eat whatever we are having for dinner that night as a family as well. Like I said... hit or miss with actually eating... but very broad with what you like. You do love a cookie at the end of lunch and dinner :) You also have just started having your own snacks with Ryder. I typically put a few (5-10) small crackers, cereal, or something like that in a small cup for you to have in the living room to snack on. You do very well carrying them, and typically spill in on purpose for Chloe to enjoy your snack.
 Blankies: You LOVEEEE your blankies. Ryder got attached to his right around the same age. You have a big one and a little one. The big one typically always stays in your crib, but the little one has really become quite a comfort item for you. If we are going to be involved in a situation I know could involve a meltdown I do tend to bring it with me out of the house which I NEVER did for Ryder! I guess with a second child it's just easier to avoid the meltdown :) We recently bought two extras of the small ones because it grossed med out having your blanket all over Hershey Park or any other public place and then putting it in bed with you.
 Your Dark Side: Many people won't believe that you have a dark side because you've always been our easy happy child, but you definitely have it. I think it started to show itself about a month ago. When you get mad you like to hit something close by (typically furniture) and then go after whoever you are mad at to hit. As of now, it is usually just one pissed off swing. I hope it stays this way because Ryder had such a temper on him and would hit over and over until you put him down which then resulted in huge temper tantrum. I know we still have time for this to show itself, but I like to think with your mellow temperament it won't happen!! Fingers crossed!!

You also bite!! Ryder NEVER bit so I am at a loss for this. Luckily it doesn't really hurt yet (except one day you really got Ryder, and he had the teeth marks to show it)! You don't really do it out of anger. Sometimes I think you just see some nice plump skin and go in for the bite... You think it is SOOO funny and laugh when you do it. Not sure how to stop this? Any tips?! I watched Ryder go to bite back once and took care of that problem before it even happened. He was told that Landon is a baby and doesn't know the difference. He was told that if he EVER bites his brother his Cadillac will go to another little boy. That is honestly the last thing I need it biting wars between my kids!!
 Honeslty though... Landon is the sweetest little baby! He keeps us busy like any fifteen month old would, but he is very easy compared to what he could be. I am greatful for this! Ryder and Landon get along so well, and Ryder is pretty good about heading up to his room if he needs some alone time. Life is good these days with our little man :) I hope he stays tiny forever... it's so much fun right now!!


The Yarbrough's said...

They are just too cute! I love the last picture! :)

Connor & Mama said...

Since Landon is already so big, its time to have another baby... ;) Love those boys!!!