Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Rest of July

The beginning of July was CAH-RAZY for us! We had such an amazing time on vacation, but definitely enjoyed the second half of the month in our new home town as well. Here are the pictures off the iPhone from the rest of our month of July...

Enjoying a bath together...
 Do anyone elses kids feel the need to soak the bathroom during every bath as well?
 Love these two :)
 Rides in the Caddy are very much a daily routine for us.
It's always a good change of pace to take for a ride around the block when things get a little out of control at home.
 We had a cookout at Aunt Gina's one Sunday afternoon and Ryder enjoyed his time in the pool with Andrew, Alex, and Noah
 Papi and his boys

 Ryder going on the pirate ship at the park for the first time
 We found a section in the back of the park that has small rides the boys go on by themselves. Such a great place to let Landon free for a litle bit and get him on rides that have no waits.... he loves it :)

 Ryder on The Whip for the first time
 Landon taking a snooze at the park one day
 More big boy rides
 This was Ryder after we spent about 8 hours in the park on day... he was out cold....
 Then he woke up... had dinner... and headed back to shut the park down with his Daddy.
They did The Comet six times that night!!
 Auntie Ally's new kitty... Stitch... Ryder really wishes he could hang out with him.
 Landon loves to hang from stuff...
here at the boys hanging together one day at the park
 They both struck a pose like this without me really even asking... Love them :)
 Another bath tub shot :)
 Ryder got to go golfing with Daddy a week or so ago...
 How grown up does he look?!
 Derrik said they dropped a ball down for him after their first shot, and he pretty much played the rest.

 Aunt Gina came to Hershey Park with us one day... Ryder had such a good time with her!

 Noah came as well... he doesn't really like rides so he stuck to the kiddie rides :)

 Lovin' his shades his Aunties sent him
 Landon loves to color like his big brother these days
 Ryder wanted his picture taken as well
 He found a bracelet Ally had made him and was so excited to wear it that day...
That is all I have to cap off July... I can't believe it's August already!!

We are preparing for someone's fourth birthday around here!! I can't believe he is going to be four!! 

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Connor & Mama said...

I love them ALL!! The boys look like they're having a blast. Ryder looks like he's 6 years old! Seriously...Make him stop :) Miss you all!!