Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Trip to Amish Country

My mom, grandma, sisters, and Ryder arrived to Pennsylvania on their trip back to Florida on Wednesday night. That night they were all exhausted from a long trip so we just ordered some pizza and chilled to rest up for our long day the following day. We had one day before they left on Friday to finish their trip home, and planned to make the best of it.

Thursday morning we made a quick pit stop at Chocolate World to take Auntie Hailey on the free ride to show how they make chocolate. Ryder gets such a kick out of showing it to people. The last time Auntie Hailey was on it she was about Ryder's age and was really sad to realize the chocolate was fake. Funny thing is Ryder totally thinks it's real, and i'll be sad the day he realizes it isn't!

Our next stop was the park... We wanted to let the kids run off some steam before we made the hour stip to Amish Country.

Showing Grammy how good he can hang from the jungle gym.

Trying to sit down to do the slide
 Giving me the stop helping me mom sign...
I get that a lot these days!
 And he can do it on his own... wish my baby would stop growing up!
 We wandered down to the creek to take a few pictures

 Absolutely LOVE this photo!

 Something about this sweaty photo of him makes me smile :)
 Breaks my heart the boys can't be with them each and every day!
Lots of visits!!!
 After a quick stop at McDonald's to fill everyones bellies it was time for the hour drive to Amish Country. My mom is obessed with the Amish lifestyle and really wanted to show it to the girls. We weren't really sure where we were going minus the fact that Me-Maw had told us Intercourse, PA was the best place to see it. So we drove there and found a map at a local place. We ended up at a farmer's market where we got to see some of their stuff, but honestly were looking for more. We ended up just detouring down a side road and drove all through the country.... it was such a fun time! The girls loved the idea of it. Hailey I think was ready to give up her modern day novelties and join in. The boys were so great all day, and Ryder is still talking to me all about the cows and the corn and how it all works. I love watching the wheels turn in that little head of his.

A blanket at one of our first stops...
Of course we got a kick out of the names of the local towns :)
 This is how real men work.... And Derrik thinks he has it hard at the truck terminal...
I could never survive! We saw a mom with her baby in a snuggie working out in one of these fields!!
Landon and I both agreed we aren't cut out for that!!
 A lady in a horse and buggy heading to town
 Two little girls... must have been under ten pulled up in this small buggy with a small horse. It was the most adorable thing ever!! How cute is this small horse and buggy?!
 A picture of one of the views... there was just land for miles and the barns were all so gorgous
 This little guy was pleasantly enjoying the ride
 Grammy really wanted a picture by some corn!
We bought a box of corn off a cute little Amish girl on the side of the road as well.
 We found the best farm! First up was visiting the cows while they ate their dinner.
 The best part for the kids... The kittens! They were so adorable!!!
 I guess this photo jumped out of order while uploading... here is a group picture by the corn!
 Ryder would have definitley taken this kitten home if I let him!
 After getting some homemade ice cream from the little store they had we went to watch the cows get milked. Quite the experience!!
 One of the dogs on the property... rough life!
 Finishing his cone up by the baby cows
 Mimi wrangling this guy from running away with the cows!
 One last good-bye to one of the kittens. This little guy kept following us around.
 A view of the little market they had
 Landon bidding fairwell to the baby cows
 We had such a fun day, but it was approaching the dinner hour and we had a long ride home so we decided to head in that direction.

Once home Ryder insisted on a ride in his new Cadillac Escalade!
Pop, Derrik's grandpa, found it at a garage sale and dropped it off for the boys.
Ryder insists on riding it around the block multiple times a day now.
Thank you to Auntie Hailey for teaching him how to drive it before she left :)
 Miss my baby sister so much already!!
 Ryder hung with us close to the 11 o'clock hour that night, but finally retired to our bed with Auntie Hailey... and this is a great last snap shot of our long trip!

That morning the girls all snuck out long before everyone was up. I may or may not have sat on the couch and cried after their car pulled away before everyone was up for the day. It was a really sad feeling knowing we might not see them for a while. I know that is our new normal, but i'm not quite ready to accept it. We had an amazing trip, and know now we will have MANY more to come!

Now that the move and vacation are over it's back to reality!! :)

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