Friday, July 20, 2012

Cape Cod - Part 3

On Tuesday we had some time to waste in the morning. That afternoon we were having a family cookout, and just wanted to kind of hang low that morning and make sure the boys got some naps in so they wouldn't be cranky at the cookout. We headed down to Chatham's fish pier. We always enjoy watching all of the fisherman bring their boats in and unload all the fish, and of course to see the seals!!

Just some views from the pier.... so gorgeous! 

 There one is :)

 You can see one in the water in this picture as well

The seals have become quite the tourist attraction in the years past, but in the past three years or so there is an even newer attraction... The Great Whites that want to eat the seals. They were spotted a few years back and have become even more prominent in the waters, and by in the waters I don't mean way off shore.... I mean CLOSE!

How scary is that?! It's quite the thing to watch in the news up there and so scary just how close they get to shore!!

And these shots are blurry, but Auntie Hailey snapped them while I was looking for the perfect Cape Cod sweatshirt for Ryder at Cuffy's. Love those boys!!

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