Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cape Cod - Part 2

Our second day brought us right back to the pond. Although we had lots of pictures to show for it our first day, we were only there for about an hour late afternoon and then a rain storm rolled in. We were looking for a full day of sun and fun in our favorite place.

Cuddle time with Auntie Hailey while we pack up for the day at the pond
 Love all the suits out on the line... just the way vacation should be :)
 My boys

 WooHoo! The ice cream truck came!! Ryder got this Reese's peanut butter cup ice cream every single time the whole trip. It made such a mess every time and he'd always ask someone else to hold it and feed it to him so he wouldn't get messy. I think he had at least ten of these throughout the week.
 Sharing my ice cream with Landon
 Landon walked right up to these little boys and plopped himself down to play with them. It was so adorable.
 And this happened just about every day on the way home. This particular day we weren't even done loading the car :)
 After a quick snooze it was time to go for a walk through downtown Chatham :)
All dressed and ready to go!
 The candy store... One of Ryder's and the girls favorite stops. I just get some ice cream.. not really a candy fan
 Loading up his bag

 To be completely honest... I have NO clue what this sign is that they are posing in front of. I just know that my cousins and I always use to run up and take pictures in front of it so I guess that's just what we do now :) It was pretty late at night so the picture is terrible, but still worthy of posting.
 Where the hubs and I got our marriage license almost five years ago!
 The Squire...
home of our bachelor/bachelorette party festivities and post wedding festivities...
and many other fun nights in my families past...
 These little boys are ready to crash for another marathon night of sleep... Vacation is hard work!

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