Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cape Cod - Part 8

Whew! Let's get this vacation wrapped up in Part 8! Anyone still reading? Besides you Mom :)

Our last two days there were Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a low-key day. I don't really remember doing too much, and don't have many pictures to show for it so we must not have done much....

Ryder playing his moto-cross game once again.... he spent lots of time playing this!
 I didn't think to bring our sparklers to our cookout, and we didn't really do much on the night of the 4th of July so they never got used. Ryder asked to do them Saturday morning so we just went for it. They were still pretty cool even in the day light.
 Not too sure what to think....
 And... he likes them!

 That night we went for some ice cream, browsed a few shops, and them swung by one of the beach to check out the sunset really quick. The view was gorgeous!! That water is usually about fifty feet from the fence and because of low tide was out as far as the eye could sea. The ocean is an amazing thing!

 Can you guess where we opted to spend our final day on The Cape?
The Pond :)

 Lover of eye wear
 Right at the shore... where Landon spent most of his time
 Floating out on the water... Where Ryder spent most of his time
 Taking a break to get "re-charged"
 My Girls and My Boys... I remember when the girls were the babies :(
 I decided to head out Monday morning instead of the weekend to avoid the crazy traffic leaving The Cape. We made a last minute decision to let Ryder stay behind with his Grammy, Mimi, and Aunties for a couple more days. He was enjoying himself so much and it was a huge help to only have one kid in the car for the 8 hours drive.

Landon did this about six of the eight hours and just watched t.v. the other two.
 He was a perfect traveler.
Ryder was still enjoying himself...
Here are a few pictures I got of the rest of his time there..
 Our on the jedi's
 It apparently bothered my sisters that his head kept bobbing during a nap in the car so they strapped his head back with a belt.
 Back on the home front someone was NOT happy!!! Everyone knows how happy Landon is all the time, and this was so our of the norm for him :( He had four molars all poking through at the same time, and we had 2-3 rough afternoons to show for it. It took Mommy, blankies, the paci, and some cartoons to calm him down...
 Then I got to enjoy this :) This NEVER happens anymore!!
 And... Once the little guy was in bed for the night I got to tackle all this clean laundry! Fun stuff!!!
I hope you enjoyed our vacation over 8 days on our blog :)
It was such an amazing trip and special time with our family!!

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Connor & Mama said...

Love all the pics, but I must say...

1. The solo cup to protect Ryder's hand from the sparkler was brilliant.

2. The belt around Ryder's head in the carseat was equally brilliant.

I will be copying those ideas :)