Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cape Cod - Part 4

On Tuesday evening our whole family (those who were in town that could make it... quite a few were out of state and dearly missed!!) had a BBQ at my Uncle Bobby's place. He lives on a gorgeous piece of land that was perfect for an afternoon/evening of hanging out together and grilling.

A view of the property
 Landon instantly loved the croquet balls

 Another view of the property
 Ryder giving croquet a shot
 Getting the corn peeled
 And it was FINALLY time for the slip-n-slide! My aunt had gotten this for the boys visit, and Ryder had anxiously been counting down the days until he could use it!!

 Uncle Scott and Aunt Karen

 Auntie Ally, Cousin Brooke, and Me :)
 Some of the girls....
 And some of the guys....
 Auntie Hailey was such a trooper doing the slip-n-slide with the boys
 Gram and Uncle Greg
 Landon loved watching Grace on the rope swing
 Then Auntie Hailey tried...
 and Ryder tried...
 and Auntie Debbie failed!
 but Grammy got it :)

 Gram with her sister Aunt Shirley
Time to eat!
 Uncle Sean enjoying some steamers
 We were SOOO excited Miss Carrie came! Ryder and Miss Carrie always had so much fun when we lived there and use to go to Larry's P.X. every day :)
 My Momm and her siblings :)

 Cousin Brooke and Brother Bob :)
 An attempt an a family photo...
 I'm sure your pissed off you turned your head in this one huh Auntie? Sorry it's the only one where every other person was looking!
 And a few more group photos....

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