Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cape Cod - Part 7

Geez... Post 7... It wasn't my intention to drag on this vacation on the blog as long as the actual vacation, but I guess it just shows how much fun we had each and every day :)

Onto Friday... I think Uncle Sean caught the vacation bug because instead of getting ready for work he was relaxing on the back porch playing guitar for the boys...
 Then headed in for a jam session inside... and as you'll notice casually slipped his bathing suit on at this point. He was playing hookie from work and heading to the beach with us!
 Everyones vacation schedules seemed to meet up this particular day and the beach became a family affair. Wehad quite the crew this day!
 Ryder tested out the water... Not quite as calm, relaxing, or fresh as the pond, but it'll do for a day. AND the sharks were on the outer side of The Cape and we were on the bay side (so I was told). I was a little freaked out :)
 Landon hung out between Auntie Ally's legs under a towel for quite a while. I don't think he was digging the salt water after being able to play in the fresh water pond for so many days. He was a trooper though... Cheeto Puffs fix everything.. at least on vacation they did :)
 We walked up the beach a little to an area that makes a river and was much calmer for us to play in.
Ryder was clearly enjoying it.

 Hailey Bear... you are getting so big! Stop growing up!!
 We all decided to wade out into the water to cool off...
I guess I win the "not looking" trophy in this picture.
 Auntie Ally and Aunt Karen

 Trying to figure out how to get back to shore and shallower water
 My boys and their amazing Aunt and Uncle who put up with them for ten days in their house!!
 We climb a cliff for this picture.... too bad it's zoomed in too far to show it, but still love the picture with my cousin and aunt anyhow :)
 The ice cream truck shows up to the beach too! This was Ryder's 2nd for the day
 And once again... Passed out!
I am usually the mom yelling at my kids, rolling the windows down, and doing anything to keep them up in the car, but unfortunately these were usually the only naps we had time for so we enjoyed the quiet car rides.
 Vacation Heaven!
Tiny Feet getting their sandy sunkissed bodies all cleaned in the outdoor shower!
LOVEEEE the outdoor shower!
 All clean and sharing some gummies with each other
 Ryder getting a lesson in a moto cross came on the computer from Uncle Sean...
He was hooked after this!
 We weren't home for long before we were off for the Friday night Band Concert in Chatham.

 Time for some dancing!
Only two more days left... We'll see if we can squeeze them both into a Part 8 :)

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