Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cape Cod - Part 5

Chatham's 4th of July Parade...
It was a great one this year. The town of Chatham was celebrating its 300th year and everyone went all out. I want to tell you that Chatham puts on the best parades, but honestly they are the only ones i've ever been to :) Honestly though... they are the best!!

My boys all ready to head to the parade!
 Landon nailed the best seat at the parade right next to his Gigi
 My festive little boy with his Auntie Ally
 Loving my baby sister :)
 More family
 Landon and Gigi having a deep conversation
 Gigi and Debbit... Gigi has her Eldrege sash on from a parade about a month ago celebrating the 300th celebration of Chatham.
 A group shot
 Enjoying the start of the parade
 The Chatham band from the band concert in the parade
 Ryder excitedly telling Auntie Ally about part of the parade.
 And cue the bag pipes... Gigi is Scottish and LOVES bagpipes. Every single year they stop and play direction in front of us. We use to sit on the other side of the road and they face us every year. This year we were on the other side of the road and they still faced us. It's like fate every year!! Gigi cries every year as they play in front of us and we are all so thankful that we can experience this with her for yet another year!
 Watching the bagpipe players
 Ryder enjoying a popsicle given to him from the parade... they gave us so much candy it was ridiculous! Kept the kids happy though so that was nice.
 My cousin Cooper walking by with The Squire float which was 80s themed...
Makin' us proud Coop! 
 Almost 300 floats in and the boys were still sitting still!
 Scored a new beach ball!
 The band Total Strangers was in the parade. Friends and family may remember them from my parents 25th wedding anniversary, and they perform around The Cape at local bars. As the parade ended they started playing in the parking lot of a shut down gas station. We all went up to listen and Landon made his way to the front of the crowd. He danced his little heart out while everyone watched and cheered him on!

Dancing and clapping to the music
 The crowd watching on
 Getting some attention from the band.. They even talked about him in between songs :)
 Getting a high-five!
 Nothing like some snuggled from your great great grandma after dancing your little heart out :)
 I think they were having a serious conversation here... Serioulsy :)
Gigi had asked me to please put Landon on her lap, and I could hear her whispering sweet things to him. Such a special moment!

We hope everyone had as amazing of a 4th as we did!!

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