Thursday, September 23, 2010

All About the B's

Today's post is all about the Big Boy Bed and the Baby!!! I'm sure they could both make their own post, but we'll just put them all together into one.

Let start with the baby. When I had gotten home from Florida I was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d! I blamed it on the time change (which had never affected me much before due to the sheer exhaustion of the trip itself making me just fall right to sleep anyhow), on Ryder being sick that whole week and up a lot at night, then we had an issue with our apartment (it's fine now) that had me all worked up over the weekend so I blamed the nauceous feeling on that. When the following Monday had finally rolled around, and I still felt tired and nauceous I was getting frustrated. You know when you start letting yourself nap to much and lay around to much it just becomes habit, and you need to just snap out of it? That was how I felt. The thought of being pregnant crossed my mind, but I had been in Florida and it was about 90% impossible. There was one time, but I was fairly certain it would not have been the right timing. (Side Note: We were trying so I have been off the pill since this summer. We weren't together all summer due to Derrik's arm so that was why this hasn't happened sooner.)

So last Monday... Ryder and I had to go to Target to get diapers, and I figured i'd buy a test. Derrik has always told me to NEVER take a test without him there. I bought the test unsure of whether I was going to ask him to take it with me that night or if I was going to do it alone right when I got home. Derrik tends to not let things get him overly excited, and I figured he'd want to wait a couple days until my period was late. The earliest I probably should have gotten it was that Monday... so I wasn't late.... just feeling AWFUL! I was 99% sure I wasn't pregnant since it seemed nearly impossible, didn't want to have to deal with the "I told you that you were over reacting" from my husband... I'm sure he would have been a slightly nicer in his wording, but I didn't want to deal with it.... so I took the test! I peed on the stick, put the cap back up, turned it upside down, and walked back to the kitchen to put some stuff away. I let a couple of minutes go by, walked into the bathroom, thought to myself Danielle don't be upset when it's negative your being silly anyhow, flipped the test, and then though "oh shit.... it's positive!". I think right after that I got the biggest smile on my face and went running into the living room. I scooped up my little man and told him he was going to be a big brother! I am positive at this point he had no clue what I was talking about, but he knew Mommy was excited and totally fed right into it with me. He hugged me lots, kissed me lots, danced around, and kept saying baby. Derrik was just starting his football game at this point so I had at least a couple hours that I had to keep my mouth shut. Usually I call my mom immediately with any news, but I knew this was something I needed to share with Derrik first. What a longggggg afternoon that was for me! Derrik came home and wanted to shower immediately. Meanwhile i was pacing back and forth, and I was soooo nervous! I wanted him to just be excited and not upset I took the test without him. Ryder and I had colored the picture from the previous post saying he was going to be a big brother. I had Ryder give it to him. Derrik immediately got a hugeeee smile across his face asking if it was really true. I showed him the tests and got a big hug from him. He kept asking me why I hadn't told him, and I said I just thought for sure I wasn't.

(F.Y.I. - Lot's of "girl talk" in this paragraph for any guys not wanting that much info. Lots of girlfriends keep asking for the whole story though so I gotta put it all in for it to make sense.)

So let the excitement wear down. I had to let the reality that I had set up a doctors appointment about two weeks ago for the 1st of October because I had been spotting all month, and quite a bit all summer since I had been off the pill. I called the doctor to set up my pregnancy appointments, cancel my other appointment, and explained my situation. They felt that because it had been happening since before I was pregnant it probably wasn't a huge deal, but wanted to get me checked out as soon as possible anyhow. They asked me to come in for blood work the following day (Thursday) to see if my HCG level was high enough (1,400) to do an ultrasound. I would hav ebeen barely four weeks at this point so they thought I might not be far enough along. This would be the first opportunity they would really have to get a look at anything. That Friday afternoon I got a call from my doctors asking how far away we lived from the doctors office. I told them about twenty minutes (it was about 3:30 at this point). They asked me to come immediately, but they would want me to check into the hospital across the catwalk from the doctors office. I asked if everything was ok and she told me my levels weren't just the 1,400 they were looking for, but 36,000! With these levels, along with the bleeding, they wanted me to just head to the hospital. Derrik had to head into work so Ryder and I headed to the hospital together. Waiting to get taken back felt like an eternity, but finally we got called back.

The lady doing the ultrasound immediately told me, "Well I see a heartbeat". I knew that was good because they had "possible miscarriage" written on my paperwork. After a closer look she told me the baby was measuring 7 weeks 1 day... not 4 weeks. I was so excited, but the only other reason for those high numbers was multiples! God bless parents of multiples... I'm just not sure i'm cut out for that. That was really all the information she could give me. She told me the specialist would check out the pictures she had taken (which she gave me none... nice huh?), and they would pass the info on to my doctor to go over with me. After a long weekend we finally got the call from the doctor's office saying that everything fine. They felt the baby was measuring at 7 weeks 2 days in the ultrasounds and set my due date for May 4th. I was 8 weeks along yesterday :) The reason for the bleeding was a subchorionic clot. They said it all looked fine now and the baby was totally healthy. We are glad that is over and now we can just be excited!!!

The only other missing piece to the puzzle is how was I 7 1/2 weeks and not 4 weeks? I know I had my period on the 18th of August. They told me some people get their period while pregnant. This is just soooo odd to me!

So now that we are past all of this we can happily that we are expecting, are 8 week and 1 days pregnant, and will hopefully have a second little addition to our family around May 4th :)

Onto the big boy bed.... I probably should have saved this for later, but oh well. We knew as soon as we found out we were pregnant we needed to get Ryder into a big boy bed! The holidays will approach faster then we will expect causing too wacky of a travle schedule for a big change like that. He has been sleeping in his big boy bed since Monday night and is doing fantastic. We had a few tears the first night, but he got over it pretty quick. It was another easy transition. I think Ryder is going to make everything easy on me except this potty training thing... that is just so not happening!
The Big Boy Bed
This was just an iPhone picture.The lighting in there is awful. We still have the black out shades tacked on the wall from the day we moved in. I'm hoping to maybe get a few cute decorating and the curtains hung the right way soon and then maybe i'll get some better pictures :)


Cameron and Wendy said...

OK, so I am a blog "stalker" if you will, but I just love reading about your little family, and I wanted to say congrats! I have a little girl a couple months older than Ryder, and am pregnant with a little boy due in February, so I am kind of in the same stage of mommy-hood as you. Good luck with everything, and take care, and hopefully you arenot too creeped out by having a random follower! :)

Olivia said...

Congratulations! I'm excited for your family! I had "all day" sickness with Leila the entire first trimester. I ate tons of unsalted saltines.