Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Boo-Boo Paci's"

The Paci's Are Gone!!!
Ryder has loved his paci since the hospital the day he was born. The first year of his life you were more likely to see one in his mouth then not. When he turned one I knew we needed it tone it down a little with the paci sucking, but I wasn't even ready to give it up at that point. We then made the decision that the paci was strictly for bedtime and plane rides. I'd say I stuck to my word 90% of the time, and it wasn't too much of an issue. I knew I would try to get rid of it when Ryder turned two. He turned two, but we were flying the next day so I waited it out. Florida was a d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r with the paci. He was sick, off schedule,taking little to no naps because of our schedule, cranky, and I just caved! Not only did he have it the whole time we were home, I also let him have it out at restaurants!!! I hadn't let that happen in over a year. Oh well... I guess life goes on. When we got back to Arizona, Derrik and Papa arrived the next day, and Ryder got even more sick so I let him have it a few more days.
On Thursday morning Papa flew home. When Ryder asked for his paci that morning I knew I had to do it.... I took three of his four paci's (I hid one... I didn't even tell Derrik I had it!)and snipped the ends off. It literally felt like someone was stabbing me in my heart knowing how sad he was going to be. I took the three pacis and my little man who was whining for his paci, wrapped him in his blankies on the couch, and explained to him that his paci's had boo-boo. He took one put it in his mouth and immediately gave it back to me (this is why I brought three... he's no dummy, and I knew he'd ask for another one). We did this with the other two pacis and it didn't seem to phase him too much. I left them out the rest of the morning so it would start to sink in. He could still get them in his mouth, but it was difficult to suck. He took a nap with no problem and did the same for bed that night. He just kept telling me "boo-boo pacis". The next day I was REALLY over the pacis because at this point he was carrying them everywhere with their boo-boos! I completely cut the nipple off. He told me every couple of minutes that they had boo-boo's that morning. He went down for his nap without any paci that morning and has done the same for every night and nap since then. Just today he hasn't even said the word once! When I put him down he gives me the saddest look and gets big huge tears in his eyes. He doesn't say the word but you can just see the ache in his heart that they are missing, and he knows they aren't coming back. He does this sad cry for about twenty seconds, and then drops it which has made it much easier on me.
I'm so proud of both of us for making this transition such a simple one! I never thought i'd actually follow through and take them away!!! One more step away from baby and one step closer to a big boy :(

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Liz said...

Wow, you are good!!! I think I may need to borrow that idea when we take Abby's away. Right now, at 13 months... she's using a paci for naps and nighttime, planes, and cars. Ugh, I'm not ready to go there just yet!