Monday, September 27, 2010

Steam of Consciousness: Pregnancy Edition

So we are about 8 1/2 weeks into this whole pregnancy thing... only two weeks into consciously knowing we were doing it... and it's been rough! With Ryder I was a miserable pregnant person the second and third trimester, but the first was a breeze. Minus those two lines on a pregnancy test and some adorable ultrasound pictures, I had no signs of pregnancy. This time around I feel awful. I have little to no energy, feel nauceous a majority of the time (it's been ok the last two days.. hoping it's on its way out?), and have already been having awful hip and back pain. I had this with Ryder really bad, but was told it was just due to the extra weight I was carrying. Well I haven't put on any weight in the last couple of weeks and am already in so much pain. I'm hoping the doctor can do something or it's going to be a long pregnancy. My motivation for blogging is none because it would just be a longgg complaining blog with no pictures since we just lounge in our PJs at home most days. I promised myself i'd embrace this pregnancy and enjoy it since it could be our last, but saying something is a lot easier then doing sometimes.

I go to the doctors for my first "official" appointment on Friday. I don't actually meet with the doctor though. We will do blood work, family history, discuss my past pregnancy... all that fun stuff. On October 28th we go for our first appointment with the doctor. We will hear the heartbeat at this appointment. It was supposed to be my ten week appointment, but due to the bump in our due date will be more like a thirteen week appointment. They tried to re-schedule but the doctor will be out of town.

A lot of girls that do blogs take weekly pictures of their belly and fill out a little survey. I will probably start this at ten weeks. It makes me kind of regret being such a brat about taking pictures when I was pregnant with Ryder so I could compare now. I think I have like maybe four or five pictures from that pregnancy of my belly. I do know that at about fifteen weeks you couldn't tell I was pregnant with a shirt over my belly, and it's already getting slightly hard to hide at this point. I guess you do show faster with your second one!

I did manage to scrounge up a few pictures of Ryder from the past week for those who just visit for the pictures:

Some pictures of Ryder with his friend Page at McDonald's on Saturday
I told them to put their arms around each other... they both did this?
I guess they didn't get it?
There we go!
They are both going to be the "big kids" by December and May!


Tricia said...

Thanks for the pictures! They are so cute together! I hope your aching ends soon. As you know, I had a horrible first trimester, the second has been ok, but I see a long and uncomfortable third trimester ahead. I definately showed MUCH sooner with this pregnancy and maybe your hip pain is just your hips readjusting. My doctor told me that was pretty normal the second go around and it happens much sooner because your body already knows what's coming and is preparing early. Maybe they can give you something for it, though. Good luck!!!

Christa said...

I just want to put my vote down already that you're having a girl!


Because you feel so terrible already and you didn't with the little man!

I also felt great with Mason so I have a feeling that if when I get pregnant again and I feel terrible that it'll mean we're having a girl!

Mama Fish said...

Oh my goodness! How did I miss this announcement? I've been off my computer too much it seems.... or away from blogland. Congratulations!! As a few have said, yes I think women show much earlier on their second pregnancy than the first. But I am also sorry to hear about the hip pain. I hope that it works its way out quickly for you. And I hope that for this pregnancy the 2nd and 3rd trimesters are wonderful. Ryder looks so big in these pictures... more like a little boy and less like a toddler. People must be drinking the same water, as between you Heather and Kelly and two friends of mine back home and 3 from church here...all pregnant. Congrats again!