Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hoping for a Healthy Two-Year-Old!

Being home has been anything but relaxing. Ryder had a little cold before we left for Florida, while in Florida he became just miserable over it and such a wacky schedule, and since being home he has been even MORE miserable if that was even possible. Add in this miserable-ness and Derrik's grandpa visiting in our small apartment it leads to exhaustion! Ryder literally slept worse then a newborn last night. Usually I would have taken him to the couch, but Papa was sleeping out there. I felt awful waking him up probably 6+ times last night with my in and our of the room, getting milk, changing diapers.... it was a mess! I took Ryder to the doctor today because I needed some kind of an answer. I think he saw the desperation in my eyes! He said it was hard to tell if it was allergies or a sinus infection because of how congested he was, BUT we have a prescription being filled! WooHoo for getting on track to a healthy happy two year old boy!

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Abby said...

Feel better, Ryder!

And thank for your words of encouragement :)