Sunday, September 12, 2010

Football Sunday

Football Sunday.... you use to be so much more relaxing before we had a toddler in our house. The most I use to do on those days was argue with Derrik about who was going to get off the couch to get the next fattening "football food".

Ryder and Derrik
'08-'09 Season
During the '08-'09 season we thought we couldn't relax like we did in the past, but looking back on it it was pretty simple. It was the only football season Derrik hadn't been in rehab since we've had our little man, and I think Ryder's Aunties would come next door and play with him quite a bit, he would nap a lot, and just sit on the floor and play.

Derrik and Ryder
'09-'10 Season
Last football season I think almost made Derrik almost not looking forward to Sundays. Ryder would be an amazing baby all week and be a complete terror on Sunday's. He wouldn't play, wanted us to constantly be paying attention to him, was fussy at home, and made lounging completely impossible!
Derrik and Ryder
'10-'11 Season
I am not sure what this season holds for us. I'm sure it will be memorable. Ryder was excited to put on his jersey today. It was cute that he understood what it was, he kept saying "jersey", was excited Daddy had one on, and I think he is starting to understand it's for football. I think he'll really start to take in the sport this year with Derrik.... for the five minues he's willing to sit still!
Even though we were out here for the last football season it is still so weird to us that football starts so early! I woke Derrik up at 8 a.m. so we could get our grocery shopping out of the way. We barely made it home for the 10 a.m. start of the first games. Instead of having an awesome lunch to sit down with we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. It is just SO odd!
While shopping today I notice in the produce section they had little bundles of the really small pumpkins. I was excited to get Ryder some and to start talking about Halloween with him. When we got home he asked us to "open", and immediately starting throwing them calling them "balls". He keeps telling Daddy "pass" as he tries to throw them to him, or "shoot" as he tried to shoot them into his basketball hoop. We keep telling him they are pumpkins, and he'll repeat the word and then try to throw them again. I guess we'll just be putting them out of reach as a decoration.
We got a new big boy potty today. I had started with one of the ones that goes on the real potty, but noticed both of my friends kids that are doing really great with it started with the stand free potties. I figured it wouldn't hurt to just try that. We've been building it up all week, Ryder was SO excited to bring it home and open it, and he loves it... but he just sits on it. I'm not sure what to do to get him to actually go potty. He has no fear of sitting on it which I thought was going to be the hard part. I could really care less if he gets it at this point since he's still so young, but he's interested. We bribe him with M&Ms or today even a popcicle if he went... he gets all excited and then opts to just pass it up when he doesn't go. Oh well...

Go Eagles!!!

P.S. - The teal color of the Eagles jerseys is just so awful on a pale child with blonde hair and blue eyes.... if anyone spots a black toddler Eagles jersey for cheap let me know and we'll pay you back!


Mama Fish said...

How odd to have football start so early in the morning. I didn't know they did that out West. It would be weird for our family too as we're used to spending a lazy Sunday afternoon watching football. Plus there's church, we'd miss the first games.

Wish we still lived in PA, as I'm sure there would be a black jersey somewhere. We have an Eagles fan in this house as well, and two Dolphin fans, so some form of "teal green" is worn here most weekends!


The Smith's said...

that is not teal!!!!!!!!!!!! That is EAGLE GREEN!

~Rachel said...

Love the jerseys! My boys have jerseys every year to wear with Daddy...I have one too that I put on when I have to. lol. Football season is so much fun for the guys! And a big boy potty! Good work!Ours is for show right now, but I think the visual reminder is good!

Tricia said...

I can't wait until all that teal invades our Navy and Orange home sometime soon to watch football together. Danielle... we need to get you a jersey! Might a suggest a Bears one? LOL

Don't worry about Ryder and the potty. You know how long it took Page to even go on the potty, and even now, we have good days and bad days, but I don't think we're even close to being completely trained. He's young and he'll make up his mind one day and be ready, but until then... keep trying. :)