Saturday, September 11, 2010

Papa's Visit

Oh Papa's visit... Poor little Ryder was an absolute sick mess up until the last day (although he is feeling better now... his nose is STILL running like a faucet... over it!) Papa was a trooper and helped us make the best of it though. It was so nice to be able to watch Ryder and him bond :) Ryder has asked for his Papa since he left and says "Papa... bye-bye... plane". I can't wait to see him get all excited when we see them again around Christmas time since he really seems to remember people now!

Since Ryder wasn't feeling to well we didn't get too many pictures, but I did get some pretty cute ones the last night before Ryder went to bed. The pictures are off them singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Paddy Cake in case they look awkward!

Thanks for helping us get the car back out west and spending some time with us Papa!!!
We love you and miss you!!!


Liz said...

How is your hubby's rehab coming along? Jim is back up with the O's and his elbow seems to being doing great. Our prayers were answered! :)

Anonymous said...

Danielle those pictures of priceless.He looks so excited to be sining the songs with them. Glad the visit went well:)

Love Mom

Tricia said...

So cute. At least all the chaos waited until after he left so you guys could enjoy his visit! Can't wait to see you this week. Get some rest (and make some noise). :)