Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Last of Our Florida Trip

Here are some photos of our last couple days in Florida...

We kidnapped Sophia for the day....
At the splash pad
Auntie Ally and Ryder
The group of us at Chuck E. Cheese's
"Shootin' Hoops" as Ryder would say
Ryder is taking his woman for a ride in his monster truck
Melts my heart... look at how sweet they are holding hands One last night together
Wearing their tacky Lightning McQueen and Dora PJ's
One last kiss before bed....
Ryder loves you Soso and can't wait to see you again
The DeHaven Family
Matt had just arrived home on leave for the weekend from A-School with the Navy
We are so proud of the sacrifice he is making for his family :)
Ryder and Miss Charli
Ryder really took a liking to her :)
Such a cutie pie
I had been waiting to get my hands on this little one since she was born :)
Auntie Hailey playing with Charli
What can I say... I'm a sucker for pictures of babies
So happy they got a weekend together at home :)
Enjoy your time guys and thanks for sharing some of it with us!
We had such a great trip to Florida! If I had it my way we would live there, but I guess everything happens for a reason. Thank you so much to all our friends for the amazing time, and to my parents for making the trips happen. Derrik and Papa made the trip back out to Arizona from Pennsylvania with the car safe and sound. Ryder is enjoying showing off all his new toys to his Papa. We're just enjoying some time out here until he flies back home on Thursday.

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