Saturday, September 4, 2010

We're Home... 1/2 of us at least...

Ryder and I are home. We had a great flight. He is really starting to understand all of the travel I think. He wouldn't leave my side this morning because he's learned that sometimes Mommy leaves Ryder behind when we visit Mac and Grammy. He got really excited for the plane today, and while on the plane really appreciates his blankie, paci, movie time with Mommy. I was an idiot and forgot wipes today! I had to buy individual Wet-Ones at the store in the airport. I got four wipes for four dollars and some change!!! Talk about the most expensive wipes ever! While in the Atlanta airport I bumped into my friend Tricia. What are the chances?! I mean I knew we were both flying today, but for us to both be in Atanta and actually in the same spot in the airport (it is HUGE!)is just insane. Unfortunately she is flying home because her grandpa passed away :( Ryder is in heaven with all his birthday presents we had to leave behind when we went to Florida. I am being lazy on the couch. Derrik and his grandpa were passing St. Louis last time I checked and should be home sometime late tomorrow night or Monday morning. I have some photos from the end of our trip i'll try to get up tonight. Other then that we are just hanging out :) It feels good to be home.... but I still HATE saying bye to my family!!!

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Meant to be a mom said...

That's so nice that Ryder is getting so good at traveling. I don't even know how Cooper would do on a plane.
Sorry to hear about your friends loss, but your right how crazy that you ran into her.
Oh and the wipes, my goodness! Your right, very expensive.

I got those pj's at Target. They were sold in sets of two for $15.00. We got 4 jammies total and they are all truly so cute.