Sunday, August 21, 2011

Count Down to Daddy!

Clearly we are missing Daddy around here since it has been just over two months since we have seen him. We are in our final countdown until he comes home, and I wanted Ryder to understand just when he would be coming. A fellow baseball wife made her kids a really cute frame with chalkboard paint and would count down "sleeps until Daddy". Unfortunately Ryder doesn't understand the concept of numbers that well. He can count, but I just don't think that would help him really understand it all. I had the idea to make a paper chain with him.

Saturday morning Ryder and I got out the construction paper and crayons and started our chain...

Love those little hands
Can't wait until we get to his 3 more days link!

Time to cut them up...

And our chain is complete!!!

Lets hope this sucker disappears FAST!!!

Landon kept busy in his new exersaucer while Ryder and I were hard at work.

Landon loves t.v..... never remember Ryder being into it so young

15 Days until the last game of the season

16 Days until Derrik gets into Florida :)

17 Days until Ryder wakes up and sees his Daddy!!!


Liz said...

What a great idea ... the links will definitely help Ryder understand time and number of days. I hope the time flies by fast for you all .... :)

Tricia said...

Yay!!! So exciting! You should make one for Derrik, too, and send it to him! :)