Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Exersaucer

We finally got our hands on an exersaucer! My mom and I have been trying to hunt one down for like two weeks. We were going to get a new one, but tried the consignment shop in town first. They had a ton, but the day we went in to check it out had no room in the car. When we got back last week they were all gone. They told us to keep calling back because they get them in all the time. In the mean time we found out our friend Meredith's little boy had just outgrown his, and had the exact one I wanted! I had to give up two of Ryder's baby toys with all of our moving and this was one of them, along with his bath seat, which Meredith was sweet enough to give us as well. Thanks a ton Meredith!!!

Landon is still learning to like the exersaucer. I remember Ryder not being crazy about it either at first, but after a while it was by far his favorite toy. We are in an awkward stage with Landon where he is still too little for stuff like this, but getting too big for all the infant contraptions. I'll write more about that this week in his four month update, and keep an eye our for my big guys three year old birthday post this week. Can you believe he is going to be three?!?!? I hope everyone has a great Sunday :)

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