Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Little Dipper

Yesterday we went to a little water park at one of the local pools call The Little Dipper. It was super cheap to get into, perfect water level for kids Ryder's age, and had lots of shade for the babies.... why didn't we go here all summer?!

We had to get under cover for a little while because of a lightning warning. We all just sat and ate some lunch.

Landon and Dyson just hanging out

Pretty bummed they had to get out of the pool

Dyson is such a cutie pie!

They are best buds already :)

Sophia taught Ryder this yesterday...

now he wants to do it whenever we ask him to smile for the camera

Baby Tristan and Miss Meredith came to meet us for a little while.

Just loveeeee those blue eyes!

Can't believe these two turned three this month!

Where has the time gone?


Tricia said...

Kind of jealous. Ryder has his new girlfriend and Landon has a new best friend. :( We miss you guys but are so happy you guys are having a blast! Ryder and Landon are getting so BIG! I won't even recognize them next Spring! Love you guys!!!

The Smith's said...

Was this on Fort Myers Beach? I have heard about a place down there that I think Dakota would love...of course...haven't been able to get down there to check it out yet.