Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of Pre-School

After lots of debating back and forth about sending Ryder off to pre-school this year we finally made a decision. The school the girls go to is one of the only schools in the area that run a Mother's Day Out (MDO) program. There is no commitment, and you pay by the day. I signed Ryder up for Tuesday and Thursdays, and just have to call before 1 to send him any other day. Basically if he misses two Tuesday's or Thursday's in a row he's not on the list anymore, and we have to call to send him. Perfect for us considering we know we will be leaving around February for Spring Training and have no clue what will be thrown our way this off season. He starts school at 8:30 and goes until 1:30. They have play ground time, lesson time, snack time, potty breaks, and lunch while he is there. We can also leave him until 3:00 for an extra $10 (when the girls get out), and he would take a nap during this time. We will only use that when he have to.

We have been discussing school for quite a while now with Ryder. He was so excited about it, but really clammed up when we went to check it out last week. When I would ask him what he was going to do at school he would reply, "I'm going to play, and I'm going to cry." When I would ask him why he was going to cry he would tell me it was because he was going to miss me.

He woke up SOOO excited for school today! He was beyond excited to wear his book bag (which he has pretended to go to school with for well over a year now) and carry his new lunch box. He kept beating the dogs with his lunch box this morning. His lunch was probably smooshed before we left!! He was even cooperating for pictures he was so excited! Of course when we went outside the camera fogged up going from the A.C. to the hot humid outdoors. That is why the pictures are kind of foggy.

My big boy all ready for pre-school

Love that big cheese :)
From the back side

He even gave me a side angle... he was really workng it this morning

The money shot!

My mom said he will be made at me when these pictures are shown in high school, and he had a pink shirt on. I told her lots of guys wear pink... she told me that might not be too cool ten years down the road.

Mommy and Ryder

When did my baby get so big? :(

And someone was ready to have Mommy and Grammy all to himself for the day.

Six poopy diapers, multiple spit-ups from a non spit-up baby, and fussiness all day made it not so fun! My easy going baby was high maintenance today!!!

Ryder was done posing by the time his Aunties came out for pictures

Heading into school

And this is the moment where Ryder had a change of heart and decided this might not be so cool after all....

Walking my shy boy in

Ryder did cry when I left. I stayed in the room for maybe two minutes. I know how Ryder is, and me staying was only going to make things worse. The front desk lady checked on him before we left and said he was sitting on one of the teachers laps calming down. I called about an hour later to see if he was doing ok. The lady told me that he was dancing around during praise and worship. I mean does it get any cuter then that? I love that he is in a Christian school. I told my mom I hope he comes home singing the "Jesus Loves Me" song soon :)

Everyone asked if I cried. I don't really get emotional over stuff like that. I just wish I could watch him without him knowing to see how he acts without me around.

When we went to pick him up he came out crying. They said he was fine until they told him it was time to go. I don't think he was crying because he wanted to stay. I think he might have just been startled someone told him he was leaving, and he hadn't seen me yet. When we were walking to the car he kept taking deep breaths. I think he was just emotionally drained not knowing what to expect. He did tell us he had fun and is already talking about going back. I wish we could afford to send him five days a week because I know how good it is for him to be in an environment like that :)

His first school papers :)

I am 100% certain that someone helped him write those because he has a hard time doing circles on his own. Still cute though!

We hope everyone has a great start to the school year too!!!

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