Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Landon Brennan - 4 Months

Oh Landon… remember that easy baby I raved that you were the last three months and even well into this last month? Well, I’d like to know where he went. Basically what it all boils down to is you like to be held. It started last Tuesday when your brother started school. I expected such an easy day with him being gone. It was my first time to really be alone with you, and you made sure I knew you were there! Since then I can MAYBE get you to be happy for ten minutes in any contraption. You really aren’t too happy in anyone else’s arms either. When you do fuss all you want is someone to talk to you. Your face absolutely lights up until we walk away. I’m thinking you are going to be really social. When you are being held you want to be held facing out. I’m trying to enjoy you wanting me to hold you because I remember once Ryder hit about nine months I couldn’t get him to let me hold him ever, and I know we will be there before I know it!

You grew like a weed this month! I weighed myself and then myself holding you last week, and you were 17 pounds!!! Your brother was about 16 ½ at his 4 month check-up about a week after he turned four months. He was a big baby which I’m sure makes you huge! We will get stats next Monday when you guys both go for your 4 month and 3 year old check-ups. You went from 3 month to 6 month to 9 month jammies in like two weeks. You are still in size 2 diapers, but we are just finishing up the last of what we have. The next time a purchase needs to be made you will be getting size 3s. I’m still holding onto a few 3 month items of clothes in your closet because I don’t want you to stop wearing them quite yet, but most of them have been cleared out of your closet. I’d say you are officially in six month shorts and six and nine month shirts. You do have some bigger stuff that I’ve put on your simply because you have LOTS of hand me downs. I think some of them have probably shrunk up from being washed quite a few times already.


Bottles first… you have gone from eating 5oz a feeding to 6oz a feeding. You have also gone from the slow nipples to the fast nipples. You seriously drink your bottles in like five minutes and let out one huge burp at the end. You have spit up a little this month, but I think it’s only noticeable because you never did before. You take bottles whenever you get fussy, or I have down time. Still no real set schedule. I would imagine it’s every 2-3 hours unless you are sleeping. You do not like to eat right when you wake up in the morning which is crazy to me since you typically have not eaten for twelve hours. It has been nice with our new schedule in the mornings. Of course I’d make time for you to have a bottle if you needed one, but it works out nice that you usually don’t want one until we are driving to school, and your aunties will usually give it to you in your car seat. It’s also nice you don’t burp much because it allows for feeds in the car seat with us constantly being on the go. Thanks for being so easy in this respect!

Solids… We did just the rice cereal for a little while, and you did great with it. We added applesauce to your meals as well, and did peas for the first time the other night. Just the last few days you’ve started swallowing the food much better. I’m sure during your fourth month you will try all the different fruits and veggies. Until this week you were getting solids when we were home at night. It didn’t seem to really matter whether you had it or not. This week however you have seemed to maybe need it more, or you were guzzling bottles. I also started feeding you solids during lunch time as well. I haven’t had to feed you solids on the go yet. We are working on making it a little less sloppy since I’m sure we will have to soon enough.

I just went and re-read what I wrote about your sleep last month, and you are pretty much still on the same schedule. Go to bed around 7:30 and sleep about 12 hours. Very rarely are you ever up at night, and I love you for this so so much! If we are home you take a decent nap around 9 and again around 1. Both are about two hours. You will then take a shorter one later in the afternoon some days. If we are on the go you just sleep on and off all day. When you have woken during the night lately I’ve been able to just give you your pacifier which is nice. You also have started liking to have a burp cloth up by your face. Ryder loved this as a baby too. It is too cute!

All the extras

You have moved to the large MAM pacifiers. Although I don’t think you are nearly as attached to the pacifier as Ryder was. You really don’t even need it when you go to bed. You are quite the fist sucker. If fist sucking is any sign of what hand you will use then you are definitely a lefty like Mommy! You have developed a scream. You have you cry when you wake up, need us, or something is wrong. This new scream is the “I don’t like where I’m at right now come hold me” scream. We hear it all day every day. You stop as soon as we talk to you or hold you. As I said before… you’ll be a social one. I think your favorite spot to play is in your high chair. You like it in the middle of the kitchen when we are all in there. You play with these soft blocks we had from Ryder, and I’d say it is your favorite toy right now. You are still getting use to the exersaucer, but I know you will love it soon. We also had to take your extra padding out of your car seat. You were looking so squished in there. You are still not rolling over. All the other babies we know your age are, but Ryder was late with this as well. He did it right before his fifth month so we will see if you keep on track. You do put pressure on your legs to get into the standing position. It’s too cute!

Landon you are such a joy to be around, even with this new “hold me all the time” attitude. I love you so much, but do admit I’m glad we are into your fourth month because it means your Daddy will be around. It is so sad he has completely missed your second and third month. We will make up for it this off season. We love you sweetie!

And that's a wrap :)

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WOW! Those last couple of pictures he really looks like Ryder! So cute!