Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Landon Update: 25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 Weeks

Size of Baby: About 13 1/2 inches and about a pound and a half

Food Size (According to my e-mail from A rutabaga (if you know what that is)

Total Weight Gain: 18 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Umm... thinking I might need to budget in a little maternity clothes shopping soon. None of my shirt want to stay over this big belly.

Gender: It's a BOY! Landon Brennan Lutz

Movement: Still lots.. we can really feel him from both sides of my stomach at the same time now. Getting to be a big boy

Food Cravings: I had a mint chocolate chip shake from Baskin Robbins this week... that was a hugeeee down fall of my last pregnancy with Ryder. There was one right at the corner of where we lived and i'd conveniently stop in at least once a week. However... I'm pretty sure I could ALWAYS be craving one of these!

Labor Signs: no comment until third trimester or so

Sleep: I get up to pee about once a night on a regular basis preggo or not... this week though some nights were up to 3-4 times!

How’s Ryder Handling It: Great! He's really coming around. I've been unloading the boxes we shipped, washing stuff, and hanging it up. He loves to point out the baby's clothes and when we ask who they are for he replies with Landon. I also showed him the big brother and little brother shirts my mom bought over Christmas for the boys, and he's awfully excited about this "big brother" concept!

What is the same/different as the last time: No real symptoms right now to be the same or different

Symptoms: Still no nausea meds since we've been back in Arizona. My hips haven't been bugging me too much either. I'm really trying to enjoy this time right now while I feel ok. Although I do feel huge and very pregnant, I really don't have too many complaints. I know they are coming in the third trimester so i'm trying to just enjoy it!

Best Moment This Week: Getting all of Ryder's old stuff unpacked and truly assessing what it is we need to get to prepare for the arrival of Landon. It's keeping me nice and busy :)

What I Am Looking Forward To: Our two other boxes of stuff got here this today... excited to get them unpacked!


Lindsay Henry said...

Oh the memories of driving to Chatt and heading straight to Baskin Robbins to get us mint chocolate chip shakes!! :-)

Meant to be a mom said...

You have popped out my dear and you could not be more adorable. :)

Happy 25 weeks.

Jen said...

Two things...

1) I am now completely craving a mint chocolate chip shake! Thanks! :)
2) I am copying your cute little bump collage idea as we speak. So cute!