Friday, January 28, 2011

Grave Digger

Monster Jam is finally this weekend! We have been waiting to go now for months since we found out it was coming to Phoenix. We found out about a meet-n-greet at the local UTI campus today. Grave Digger, Ryder's favorite monster truck, was supposed to be there so we made sure Derrik got out of the field early so we could go. I made sure to explain to Ryder today we were going to see Grave Digger. I told him that we would get to touch Digger (as Ryder calls him) and take pictures with it. I told him that Monster Jam was tomorrow where we would see all the other trucks and watch them race. I think I somehow explained it to him wrong, and he decided he didn't want to go. He told Daddy, "go back to work" when he called to say he was on his way home, and told us, "me no see Digger". I don't know if I scared him or what, but we just told him we were going to the store and loaded up in the car anyhow.

When we arrived at the UTI campus we had to walk for a while to find the event. When we did find it Derrik put Ryder on his shoulders to avoid losing him in the crowds. All of a sudden we rounded a corner and could see Grave Digger from afar. I wish I had my camera out at this point because he started screaming "Digger", and put his hands up to his face repeatedly screaming "Oh my God, it's Digger!" He was soooo excited! We waited our turn in line and then got lots of time with Grave Digger. Enjoy the pictures... I hope they can somewhat convey the excitement he had meeting his favorite monster truck today.

Monster Jam is tomorrow night. We are hoping to get some Pit Party passes tomorrow afternoon to get to go meet all the monster trucks! Our household is VERY excited... maybe even more then the night before Christmas!

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