Monday, January 24, 2011


On Saturday it was my turn to return the "date night" favor and let Tricia and Steve get a night out on their own. I was sooo excited that they were letting me watch Logen already, but kind of nervous about dealing with Ryder and Page on top of Logen. I knew I could do it, but had such a fear of the kids fighting and Logen crying at the same time. Luckily Ryder and Page were on their best behavior Saturday night, and Logen never cried... so much for worrying! I was in heaven having Logen all to myself to play with. I got to hold him quite a bit the first time we saw them when we got back into town, but everything else has been in passing. I was ready for some serious snuggle time with the little guy.

Logen checking out the swing when he first got here.
He wasn't too crazy about it, neither was Ryder when he was little... hoping Landon is a fan!
When Logen needed a diaper change I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a few pictures of him on my bed

AND... that's about all I got before they found me...

Page was VERY concerned that Logen did not have his clothes on. I tried explaining to her that I had just changed his diaper and that pictures of babies with just their diapers on is really cute, but apparently she didn't get it. She asked me repeatedly to put his clothes back on! So we called it quits and went to make dinner.
Logen slept, well, like a baby, in the bouncer on the counter while I fixed the kids some dinner. I was kind of bummed I wasn't getting any cuddle time. After dinner though they seemed to be playing pretty content so I took advantage and picked Logen up to feed him. He ended up snuggling up on me after his final burp. Ryder came out with his blankies, and I asked if he was sleepy. He told me they were for the baby and covered the little guy up. He was so sweet about it. He then curled right up with us with his other blankie. I love that he shows just enough attention or just doesn't care at all... exactly what we need to avoid chaos in the future!

Such sweet boys to cuddle with :)
Hoping for lots more date nights for Derrik and I and lots more babysitting nights of these little ones. I think we have a pretty good deal going.... date night or snuggling babies... both make me pretty happy!


Meant to be a mom said...

Good practice huh :)
I love that last picture. That is like a magazine picture. So sweet.
He is a very cute little baby. I'm glad that everything went well and the kids had fun playing with him.

Tricia said...

Well we can do as many date nights as you want! Tell Derrik he needs to pencil a date night in to make sure you guys get them. Also, if you want more than one a month... feel free! And you can snuggle with Logen anytime!