Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I somehow manged to scrounge up some pictures off my phone of Ryder to make some kind of blog post. This is the first month ever that is flying by and I don't have any pictures on my real camera. I do have some from a finger painting project Ryder and I worked on last week. The lighting was awful though, and i'm pretty sure they are worthless. We don't have a lot of exciting stuff going on right now to blog about.... just life. No traveling all over, visiting family, holidays, or anything crazy like that... and we are totally ok with it!!!

Soo some updates....

Since we have gotten home he has had one day off from basketball minus Sundays (he never works Sundays). That happened to be last night. We were lucky enough to have Ryder go over to his best friend Page's house, and we got to enjoy an amazing dinner together just the two of us. Anyhow... He has been super busy with basketball season (which we love!), and officially started back to rehab yesterday. He has been going in a little before that, but they couldn't really get started until yesterday. His arm is feeling great so far which is encouraging. He starts playing light catch this coming up Monday. Finally a step in the right direction!!!
He has a one track mind these days... a countdown to Monster Jam! 11 more days, and he could not be more excited!!! For anyone unfamiliar, Monster Jam is the big monster truck competition that travels the country putting on shows. We watch it on t.v. no less then 3-4 times a day, and he can rattle off the names of almost all the monster trucks. If he put this much time and effort into his alphabet and numbers we'd have one smart boy on our hands.

He is seriously awesome right now! Two years old has got to be the most amazing age ever. I want to just push a button and stop him from growing to keep him this age forever. He is talking up a storm. I truly can't believe I was ever worried about him talking because there is no shutting the kid up. I need to keep reminding myself of this when I worry about his learning ability. He truly just does things the way he wants to, and right now learning monster truck names and watching sports is MUCH more important.

He still is opting to not go on the potty... not one single time! The other day he really had us fooled when he kicked us out of the bathroom and sat on the toilet for a good five minutes before he called us back in, but no such luck. There is nothing more I can do unless they come up with a way for me to push that dang pee out of him. I did buy those ugly underwear that are cotton on the inside and plastic on the outside... we'll see what he thinks of those in the days to come. We also made a "potty prizes" bucket. We intend on putting a few new monster trucks in there as an insentive to at least get things rolling. When he goes he can get one... we'll see how much he really loves those things :) I honestly have NO hope that it'll happen anytime soon, but mine as well keep trying and talking to him about it I guess.

I could ramble on forever about how sweet his kisses are, how awesome he sleeps in his big boy bed, how he's so great at getting things for us these days, and putting things away. I could ramble on about how much he loves his Daddy, ANYTHING sports related, torturing Chloe, and just being down right cute, but i'll spare you the details... just know that we are SOOO crazy over him!

Getting Ready for Baby Landon

Ever since we've gotten back home and settled i've let myself really start getting excited over this pregnancy. I mean i've been excited since the day we started trying, but I think i've really let myself get excited about the fact that in a little over 3 months we'll have a second sweet little baby to love on. The last of our stuff that we shipped out got here today, and i've been washing baby clothes and getting things ready. I am so thankful that we get to re-use so much of our stuff. We managed to get the swing, bouncer, and infant car seat out here. We luckily bought a crib when we moved out here for Ryder (I must have known i'd get really good use out of it). Our biggest thing we are lacking right now is a dresser. Ryder's room is technically a den so he has no closet. That leaves our whole family sharing the closet in our master which is fine but very full! I'm not sure what my game plan is as far as where all these tiny little clothes are going to go, but I need to come up with one soon. I'm pretty sure lining up boxes on our bedroom floor just isn't going to cut it... well I mean it could, but i'll go crazy! It's time like these that I wish I could snap my fingers and have all our stuff out here for rehab. Ryder has such a gorgeous changing table/wall unit... and I want it out here NOW!

Last night on our date night we headed on over to Babies 'R Us to register. I wasn't going to this time around with it being baby number two, but had been asked by quite a few people if we had registered yet. I felt like when we were there we needed so much still, but had to keep reminding myself what it would feel like if we hadn't already had all of Ryder's stuff. Some of our bigger items we had to check out were monitors that will work in both boys rooms (one with two bases) and a double stroller. We found nice monitors we liked, but are at a loss with this stroller thing! We're thinking of one of those sit and stand ones so Ryder can just hop on and off the back, but just don't know. They are SOOOO heavy.

More on him tomorrow with the 25 week update!


I am such a bag of mixed emotions on this baby coming! I am so excited to have him here now. I am so excited to meet him, cuddle him, dress him in Ryder's old newborn clothes, and to watch Ryder become a big brother. I am also soaking up these afternoons of being able to nap when Ryder does, enjoy full nights of sleep, carry just a purse, not deal with a stroller, and the freedom that having just one kid allows. I am sooo ready to dive into this two kid thing, but also know it'll be really overwhelming. It's a good thing mother nature has to take it's course, and I don't get to decide when he comes because I have no clue what I want!


Is it fully necessary for me to mention that the first of our close friends will be rolling into town in two weeks and three days with the rest of them following suite in the few days right after for spring training? Because they are!!! I am SOOOOOOOO thrilled that this time of the year has rolled around again and that we get to spend time with some of our favorite friends again.... and meet sweet new babies!!! I know I keep saying it over and over again on this blog... but it's getting REALLY close!!!

And... just a couple more photos

Watching Miss Tricia's Daycare kids for a couple hours last week

The saddest thing about The Eagles loss...

Not seeing my guys in their jerseys every Sunday :(

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