Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yes... You read that right!!! We're moving!!! Not Derrik, Ryder, and I in particular at this exact moment (we'll be here in Arizona until summer.. assuming my husband doesn't try to go for some world record in rehab), but our "home" is moving. Our home that holds our large pillow top bed, our baby's nursery, our amazing couch we miss so much, our family pictures, our storage containers full of childhood memories and yearbooks, our nice kitchenware (gosh I hate that Wal-Mart plastic nonsense!)... I think you get the point!

Anyhow... Our "home" has been the apartment off of my parents house up in Massachusetts for just about two years. We made the decision to move it up there from our condo in Florida when my parents moved from Florida and I found out I was pregnant back in the beginning of '08. It made sense for them to be able to keep an eye on our stuff for us and to be able to spend time with them when we weren't doing this baseball thing. Unfortunately we haven't truly gotten to spend the time we had hoped we'd spend there due to back-to-back rehabs with the hubby's arm, but it's been there waiting for us.

That however is not the case anymore! I boxed up our stuff while I was home for the holidays, and it is currently being loaded into a truck to head back south. My parents have decided to make the move back to Florida!!! Many factors have played into this... weather, business, friends, quality of life, and Target close by. (kidding about the Target thing... sort of)

I of course am saddened at the thought of not going back to a place we have called "home" since Ryder was born, not spending holidays in the house we've been in since we got married, not having extended family close by, and missing our friends from Larry's P.X., but hold out hope we'll still get our Cape Cod Summers... which we all know is the best part anyhow right?!

I am however beyond excited to return to my "home" where I grew up!!!!!! My parents house in Cape Cod feels like "home", but as far as a town that feels like home it will always be Fort Myers. I can hop in the car and not get lost, I went to high school there, have friends I can make a simple phone call with to hang out, share so many childhood memories growing up there, and just simply feel like that is where I belong. I'm so excited when people ask me where i'm from I can officially answer with, "We live in Arizona for baseball right now, but are from FLORIDA"!!! Sooo excited!

The move is taking place as I type this. One truck is loaded, another I think is full, and it sounds as if a third will be needed. If all goes as planned the Winter Family should be arriving into Florida sometime this weekend. Ryder and I plan on making an appearance sometime around the end of February/beginning of March. Due to the whole giving birth thing we won't be able to visit after that for a while.

I'm probably getting a little ahead of myself, but if Derrik is healthy to play baseball around July-ish (typing it makes me cringe knowing how much could go on to change that)he will go on to play with a team for the final month-ish of the season, and I will go to Florida with the boys for the rest of the summer to stay with my parents. Baseball moves post rehab can be insane and anyone in the baseball world knows it would be pretty much impossible with a toddler and a newborn. We'll camp out there waiting for word from Derrik as to what our fall/winter will hold.

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. This is obviously an extremely emotional time for all of them. One phone call everyone is excited and the next there are tears... I can completely relate to that feeling when we make our moves. Please pray for good weather and safe travels as the trucks make their way down the east coast throughout the rest of the week.

WooHoo... We're Florida residents again!!! :)


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Kelly's Avenue said...

Best of luck to you and your family!!!


KateB said...

I hope everything gets to your safely and in one piece!! Happy "Moving!"

~Rachel said...

I am excited to have you close by! Safe travels to your family!!

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm thinking of you guys and praying for you :)

Olivia Lefko said...

How exciting!!

Liz said...

Yay! Congrats :) So are you moving back to Ft. Myers? We're in Sarasota, so maybe we can actually catch up ..... didn't we say that baseball would make us meet at some point?!