Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monster Jam

Friday night we all went to bed SOOO excited that Monster Jam was the next day. It seriously felt like it took forever to get here. We had plans the next day to hopefully put Ryder down for an early nap since it would be a long afternoon/evening at Monster Jam, and we didn't think it was a good idea to just ditch the nap all together since we'd be out late. Well Friday night Ryder got up SIX times! Talk about feeling like Landon was here already. Nothing appeared to be wrong, and I figured it was just a bad night. I mean we have nights like that every so often, and we just make do. On the bright side he slept really crappy so that early nap idea just might work. I put him down at noon instead of one. Well 2 1/2 hours later Ryder was still awake and officially had a nasty cold!!! Go figure :( We gave him some tylonel and were on our way. I mean we weren't letting some little cold, a bad nights sleep, and no nap get in the way. It was FINALLY time for Monster Jam!

We got to the stadium around 3 for the Pit Party. We got to go down into the pits to see all the monster trucks and meet the drivers. When we walked in the look on Ryder's face was priceless. Watching him take it all in from up above was so awesome! We took a few minutes to let him check the whole scene out from up above. We made a point to show him where all of his favorite trucks were. He was just in awe!

The view of the pits
(A.K.A. - the baseball field... we can never get away from it!)
Ryder's face when we first got down into the pits
Posing with Blue Thunder - The winner of the races that night
Brutus - Our first monster truck we ever got
For those we talk to often... this is the monster truck he gets when he FINALLY goes on the potty again that he is constantly talking about.
We weren't really into Avenger before last night. He happened to have a short line at the end of the pit party and totally won us over. He happened to be our favorite free style of the night!!!
The pit party ended at 5:30 and the show didn't start until 7. I was a little nervous what we were going to do with our cranky, nap-less, sick toddler for an hour and a half, but we somehow survived. Between them getting the show set up, some four-wheeler entertainment, food, and walking the steps... we made it!
We found our seats (best in the house by far!)
Watching them clear the trucks from the pits to get the show ready
Anxiously awaiting the show!!!
Once the show started Ryder did so great. Our biggest problem was the fact that Ryder was very obviously getting sicker and sicker by the minute. Add that together with the lack of sleep, and we had a nodder! He would be freaking out during the race and then have a bobbing head from nodding off waiting for the next one to start. It was so sad and pitiful knowing how much he had looked forward to this.

Watching a race with Daddy One of the best races of the night...
Avenger crashing into Madusa to win the race
Two of our favorites
Max-D against Grave Digger

:( He was crying because he couldn't stop sneezing
We did this probably 200 times during the course of the night... or maybe even more
BUT then he'd purk up and have this face... so of course we didn't go home. We were so torn!
(Notice the white on his shirt.. yeah it's dry snot... we had it EVERYWHERE!)

Brutus flipped over
Avenger flipped over... best free style!
Love that face!
AND finally... the grand finale.. Grave Digger free style!
After six and a half hours of Monster Jam it was finally just a memory. I was so bummed that Ryder was sick, but I truly think he still enjoyed himself so much. He has talked to us about it all day today, and is doing so many new tricks with his trucks. I love watching his little imagination recreate what he saw. I love that Derrik and I can get so excited over watching monster trucks because of our little man. I never thought i'd be so excited over something like that.

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KateB said...

these pictures are priceless- he looks like he had the time of his life!