Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a wonderful Easter!
Our boys were absolutely spoiled rotten!! Six baskets a piece... that leaves me with a pile of twelve baskets!! The amount of candy in our house is WAYY too much for a mom who is trying to diet that's for sure. Anyhow.. here are some pictures from our weekend. 

I think someone spies the bunny!!

 Ready to head off to his Easter hunt with Daddy
(Cole, Dalton, Ryder, and Landon were all in different age groups! We had to divide and conquer who went with who.)
 Aunt Cindy had Landon
Waiting for it to begin

 After about a minute with Landon, I ran to Ryder's section to catch the end of his while Derrik ran over to Landon's section to see him finish up. 

 Somehow we got to walk right up to the Easter Bunny!! The line grew long really fast after that!
 Landon checking out the prize table with Aunt Cindy
 Ryder picked up a prize egg during his hunt and won this bunny...
 He's slept with him every night since
 Making Aunt Cindy do the dirty work emptying the eggs while they snuggle their new bunnies
 Me-Maw, Poppy, and the boys finally found us in the crowd, and Ryder couldn't wait to show off what he won!
 Four of my favorite little people
Dalton 6, Ryder 4, Cole 9, and Landon 1
 It was then time to check out the fire truck!!
Landon hoped right onto the fire fighters lap :)

 JR and Derrik
 Ryder loves his days with Cole... 
He asks me every-single-day if Cole doesn't have school so we can go over and play!

 Landon braved the Easter bunny just long enough to get his piece of candy this time

 Safely back in his Poppy's arms

 Look what the Easter Bunny brought!!

 My own little bunnies :)

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