Thursday, April 25, 2013

Home Sweet Home

This is the first spring I have seen since I was a little girl and moved from Cape Cod to Florida in the 2nd grade.
With the time of our moves that I had spent recently in northern states we missed spring. I know everyone always raves about fall (or at least my mother does lol), I had to admit that spring is my hands-down favorite. I have loved getting our yard back into shape, the surprises of all the flowers that bloomed, buying some new ones, and have even come to love that huge tree that was such a menace to us all last summer and fall that suddenly bloomed gorgeous pink flowers a few weeks ago!! Derrik and I have never had to take pride in our yeard. We either didn't have one, moved too quick to care, or had a lawn service included. We have really loved our time outside working in the yard, the boys love watering the flowers and tending to the bird feeder, and in general we are all enjoying just being out side!! Finally :)

Home Sweet Home... 
Loving this spring picture way more then the snowy ones! 

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