Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The "After The Shoot" Pictures

As I had mentioned in the previous post, I took the boys by myself for Landon's two year old pictures. We went to a gorgeous location I found called Fort Hunter. It is on the river, and I knew would offer an amazing sunset. I promised the boys if they were good we could go throw a few rocks into the river. I was really attempting to get a good sunset shot, but I didn't think that sounded quite so fun. I realized it was really muddy down there, and for a second was about to call it a day. Instead I took a deep breath, took my boys socks and shoes off, and VERY quickly their nice dress shirts too, and then let them be boys. I had such a blast playing with the lighting on my camera and the boys were thrilled to be playing in mud and with the rocks. In the end I capture some of my favorite pictures of my boys to date. I'll cherish these forever :) It was such a fun unplanned night.

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The Yarbrough's said...

Those are really good!!!