Friday, April 26, 2013

Mr. Landon's PA Party

Landon's party was pretty laid back. He requested a Wreck-It Ralph party so that is what we had. Tommy made our cake again for us, and Landon loved it :) We just had family over Sunday for a little cookout. The kids played in the yard and us adult enjoyed the nice weather. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate out little guy!!

The cake
 His decorations
 Noah ready to take on the heard of little people
 Landon and his buddy Miles
Miles is Derrik's Uncle's (through marriage) sisters little boy. They are about a month apart. Landon has gotten to hang out with him a few times and loves having a buddy that is his size :)

 They were SO not into this picture!!
 The Birthday Boy!!

 Papa was really enjoying the party :)
A perfect ending to a perfect day :)

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