Sunday, April 28, 2013

Landon's 2nd Birthday

We had a really nice day on Landon's actual birthday. Derrik had to work that night, but I had taken the day off so we had a day free to celebrate our birthday boy until around 3:30 when Derrik left. 

We started our morning out eating cereal. Our little guy LOVES cereal, and would much rather this then anything else so that is what we did. He loves to sit and eat cereal every morning with Derrik. 
 Once we got ourselves ready for the day we headed to the Disney store to let Landon pick out a present. His real present is a new big boy bed we are putting up in Ryder's room that we are working on, but he still needed something special :) 

As soon as we walked into the store a lady said "How are you boys doing today?"
Ryder says, "Good"
Landon says, "It's my birthday"
Once the lady confirmed it was actually his birthday she hooked him up with this birthday crown and pin, and he wore it the rest of the day!!
 Checking out a few Nemo friends...
 Then he found Tick Tock Crock from Jake and the Neverland Pirates... 
and never put him back down :)
After walking the whole store for about a half hour or so Derrik and I determined it was probably Tick Tock Crock that we would be walking out with so we purchased him and headed on our way. I might have been thinking of something a little more fancy since it was his big day, but he absolutely loves this guy... if he's happy then so am I :)

Next we headed to Cocoa's Castle to play for a little bit...

 Family picture with the birthday boy!!
 Ryder thought swinging like this with Derrik was so funny!

And what would a birthday be without taking a picture at "the wall" at the park...
my kids LOVE running up to this wall and posing :)
 After the park we headed to the big boy's two year old check-up. 
Thank God there were no shots because I felt sort of cruel for scheduling his appointment on his actual birthday :)
 We rounded out our afternoon at Friendly's for lunch. Me-maw had the day off and met us with Cole and Tommy. We had a great lunch, headed home for nap, and had a normal evening since Derrik was at work. And just like that my little guy turned two :)

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