Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Landon Brennan is Two!!

WOW!! My baby is two! No more babies in the Lutz household... Crazy!! I have lots of updates to do, but I didn't want to miss the special man's day. We had a fun day together, and he is currently taking a much needed nap. 

I do have to note... Landon's 2 year old photo shoot was done with a 1 and 4 year old BY MYSELF! As in no help with a parent to keep Ryder in check or help me pose Landon. It was slightly exhausting and crazy, but we managed to get some shots i'll cherish forever :)

The "after the shoot" photos are even better.. those will come soon!! 

This handsome stud muffin weight in at his check-up today at 
29 pounds (69th percentile) and 36 inches (88th percentile)!
While we were waiting for the doctor to come in I pulled out Ryder's immunization record from my purse, and Ryder was exactly 29 pounds and 36 inches at his two year check up as well... 
these two are more a like in appearance by the day! 
 The doctor was very pleased with his speaking skills.. impressed I would actually say when he started a full conversation with her :) She said he looked great and no shots!! WooHoo!! 
 Landon is still sweet as can be. He can honestly walk into any room and own it. He thinks everyone is his friend, and is so sweet. We've noticed a little feisty side in the last few days, but it's still nothing compared to what his brother threw our way at the good old age of "terrible" two. 
 Landon loves to eat. His has a love for meat! You can catch me carrying around Slim Jims for him at any point in time in my purse, he guzzles milk like crazy, still pretty much hates fruit, loves yogurt and gummies, and typically any kid food you throw his way. 
 His Loves and Favorites:
He currently sleeps with: Monkey Man and Ellie the Elephant that he's had since he was a tiny baby along with his blankies. He's currently added Mickey, Jake, a hideous bunny (which he is obsessed with.. Ryder says it looks like a skunk, and we call it Skunk Bunny) that he won at a Easter hunt, Nemo, and since his birthday party a Seattle Seahawks stuffed animal. His Aunt Robin turned him into a Seahawks fan around last Thanksgiving, and he can be heard doing their cheer, "Seahawks, Seahawks, Seahawks... Whooooo!", from his room daily. She hooked him up with a jersey as well :)

Shows/Movies: Wreck-It Ralph is his FAVORITE, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Finding Nemo, Umi Zoomi, and Bubble Guppies

People: Poppy, Col-E, and Ryder.... he's obsessed with all three of them equally :)

You LOVEEEEE our dog Chloe :)

You love to be outside, and ride the Cadillac. "Mommy, outside, ride cadillac" can be heard quite often. You love the park as well and bubbles!

You LOVEEE bath time!! You beg to get in all the time. 

You love shoes and to have your hair done. You always want to be fully dress... shoes and all. 
 You still sleep from about 7pm-8:30ish am. You typically stay in your room until around 9am unless we have to leave the house. You nap for around 3 hours, and will go down anywhere between 12:30 and 2:30 depending on what works best for us that day. Nini bought you big boy bedding for your birthday. We are hoping to get you a mattress really soon AND move you up to Ryder's huge room upstairs. Wish us luck!! We are hoping to make you guys a really awesome room up there that you guys can grow into.
 You continue to amaze us with how smart you are. Ryder spoke very little on his second birthday. You my dear have an extremely large vocabulary, and are actually speaking pretty full sentences at this point. Every day I feel like it becomes less and less butchered sentences, and more real people talk :) I love hearing your little voice, and we encourage it along as much as we can. You love to count all the time, and are very good at it up until 10. You LOVE to sing us the ABCs as well. We are slowly learning your colors. It is hit or miss, but i'm fairly confident you know blue and red at this point. 
 You aren't quite the same in the physical department... I was commenting to Daddy today how Ryder was already on the big boy swings, and you are more then content in the baby swings still. You went to play putt-putt last week and looked beyond awkward with a golf club in your hand. Ryder already had his own set at this age, and looked pretty in control when he'd try to putt. You got a toddler basketball hoop for your birthday and couldn't get the idea of shooting it down, and Ryder was a shooting pro. I guess you're more of a thinker, and we love that about you :)
 Potty training is a work in progress... sort of. You loved to sit on our potty all the time probably right around one and a half. Then you refused for a while. We got you a little potty a couple weeks ago and you won't even acknowledge it. Our pediatrician told us with your vocabulary and understand that you definitely should be going on it. You might not be ready to be out of diapers, but should get the concept to go on a potty when put on it. I guess it's time to buckle down and get serious :)
 You complete our family little one. We love you with all our hearts and couldn't imagine life without you!! We can't wait to see what your third year brings!!! 

 And for anyone that thinks it's only their kid that is bad with a camera....


 "GET DOWN!!!!"

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