Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March on the iPhone

As usual.... I have a bunch of random photos from my phone from the month...

How my boys spent many mornings this winter

 We facetime a lot these days to pass time :)
 Have you ever seen an almost two year old so excited to get Slim Jim in his Easter basket?
He loves them!!

 Landon likes to give Ally and Grammy stickers during Face Time... One session they got stuck to the screen really good so I had to put an end to it. 

 Look how much Ryder has grown!! Crazy!!

 I'm was not happy to be dealing with this in March!

 Landon and Chloe love cuddle time on the couch
 Watching Daddy take batting practice with Noah
While Noah went to practice his pitching Aunt Robin decided to let the boys take some practice with their pitching

A random night out to dinner... we took lots of pictures to entertain Landon

 Breakfast with the Easter Bunny with Me-Maw and Poppy one weekend
 Doing little brother's puzzle while he was sleeping.. he's so sneaky :)

 Glad we have some Dunk City shirts!!
 Landon loves to color and sticker everything...
I'll have to get some pictures of his art work up soon!
 Coloring time

 Thanks for our Easter baskets Aunt Robin!

 Glad he was in the spirit on Easter :)
 Some of our baskets after Easter... four of them weren't in this pile!! 
The boys were so spoiled!!
 Ryder wanted a chocolate bunny SOO bad for Easter :) 
Bring on summer!! Hershey Park here we come!! 

 I could hear Landon talking sweet to Chloe behind me today.. I snuck this sweet picture from the side of my chair. Ryder has never shown much interest in Chloe, but Landon definitely has a soft spot for her :)
 My Loves :) 

Happy April!! Excited to celebrate some birthdays this month and take a trip to Florida!!

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