Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Landon Update: Week 18

How Far Along: 18 Weeks
Size of Baby: 5 1/2 inches long
Food Size (According to my e-mail from Bell Pepper
Total Weight Gain: 3 Pounds - We might just have to stick at this weight until I get back to Arizona in January. My mom's scale is never friendly with me because I tend to eat so much more here!
Maternity Clothes: Some jeans and two tops from Target
Gender: It's a BOY! Landon Brennan Lutz
Movement: Only for me to enjoy. We tried really hard for Derrik to feel before we had to separate for a few weeks, but no luck. I just don't think it's strong enough yet. I might have to hold out letting anyone feel until we're together again right before Christmas.

Food Cravings: Nope, but Mom's home cooking has been great this week :)
Labor Signs: no comment until third trimester or so

Sleep: Ok.... i've been sick
How’s Ryder Handling It: He still insists he's having a baby sister. At Nini's house last week he picked up a picture of us holding Ryder as a newborn and said "Look Daddy! Baby sister" pointing at the baby. We explained to him it's Baby Ryder and that he's having a baby brother, but he could care less... "baby sister" is all we get.
What is the same/different as the last time: All the same now
Symptoms: Sick Sick Sick... not pregnancy related, but it's not fun! On antibiotics now to try to kick this nasty cough!
Best Moment This Week: Thanksgiving with Derrik's family. Ryder took so well to everyone out there, and really loved everyone! Also seeing how excited he was to see my family when we got to the airport :)
What I Am Looking Forward To: Getting the house ready for Christmas this week. The Christmas tree should be interesting with Ryder!


KateB said...

you look beautiful!! love reading your updates..he will be before you know it!! makes me want a baby :)

Tricia said...

Yay!!! You look pregnant now! I'm going to miss that baby belly and mine BETTER be gone when you get back! Give Ryder big hugs from us and enjoy your family!