Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

We were a little behind with our Christmas tree decorating this year since we weren't here the weekend after Thanksgiving and everyone was sick the following weekend, but we finally got it up this week. It was quite the task for us girls. Dad is down in Florida for business so we had to take it upon ourselves to get it done. We went to get the tree on the coldest night!! The guy who we bought the tree from told us to get in the car while he tied it to the roof because we were seriously all shaking it was so cold.
Posing with our tree
We got it up on the first try... which is a success considering one year it fell about three times before we got it to stay!

Helping Grammy put water in the tree stand
He decided to pose by the tree so I had to take it when I could get it...
even if it wasn't decorated yet!
Playing with the lights
I was nervous to start decorating with Ryder. Last year he broke two ornaments before we could even start decorating. He picked up the first one calling it a ball and smashed it. While we were in the process of trying to clean track we lost track of him and he broke another. This year we had a long talk before we started that they weren't balls. We explained they were decorations for the tree, and it went great. He did such a great job helping us decorate, and hasn't touched the tree much since then.

Helping put the lights on
Playing with his parachute Santa Grammy got him
(upside down if you notice)
I randomly turned on the Polar Express while we were decorating,
and it is Ryder holiday favorite so far! We have watched it over and over again. He loves the choo-choo and Santa. We've gotten lots of cuddle time with this movie the past week :)
Polar Express with Auntie Ally while decorating
Mommy, Ryder, Auntie Hailey, and Auntie Ally
More Polar Express....
Just slightly obesessed...
Back to decorating...
Deciding which one to pick next...
Such a great decorator :)

Holiday stuff has already been so much fun with Ryder this year! He's really getting into the Christmas songs, understanding the basic concept of Santa, can point Santa anything out anywhere (figurines, pictures, on t.v., in real life), loves to tell everyone Santa says Ho Ho HO, and can tell you what he wants for Christmas... "A big monster truck, trax, and more toys". We are all loving it :)

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Meant to be a mom said...

How fun, it looks like it went really well and you did a great job picking out a beautiful tree.
Ryder did so good, he seemed like he listened and was gentle with the tree:)