Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"me play hockey"

At least that's what Ryder's side of the story is. Ever since we took Ryder to the Hershey Bears game back at Thanksgiving he's been obsessed with hockey. We told him we were taking him ice skating today. We described it as kind of like hockey, and he took it from there. He is absolutely convinced he went and played hockey today and has told everyone all about it.

Getting ready to go
Watching Daddy take a warm-up lap
Finally on the ice
Loving it... he was kind of like jell-o out there
Trying to give Daddy's back a break and take a lap with Auntie Hailey
He was far off from actually skating on his own, but did great walking in the skates off the ice. He had a huge smile on his face whether he was holding daddy's hands on the ice, laying on the ice, or in Daddy's arm going really fast on the ice... he loved it! We could have a little hockey player on our hands one day.... if I decide I like the idea of sitting in a freezing cold building all the time!!!

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