Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A little update on our past couple of days

We've been doing probably the same thing everyone else is doing right now... Trying to stay somewhat grounded in the real life of work and school, but also getting really excited about the holiday getting so so close! Derrik got into town on Sunday afternoon without a problem. I was so nervous we were going to get a snow storm, and he wouldn't make it. He did though... just in time for it to start snowing and it hasn't stopped since!!! We were supposed to get 2-4" and they were very very wrong. It has to be at least a foot deep in some parts! No school today... snow day!!! One of my mom's friends gave us a snow suit and boots for Ryder! I guess we're off to go sledding as soon as we can all get dressed warm enough!!!

Last night Larry's P.X. had their Christmas party. Santa was at the party last year, and I had been begging Jay to make sure Santa made an appearance again this year. He walked through the door right behind us all covered in snow. Ryder's face was priceless!!! He got to eat dinner one table over from Santa and even got to play with him some towards the end of the party. Larry's does a Secret Santa gift exchange. Ryder was so excited about everyone getting presents and opening them. Some of the girls took a small gift bag and put a stuffed Christmas ornament from the tree in it so Ryder would have something to open. He was sooo excited to open the gift in front of everyone and has been walking around with his present from Santa all morning. The party was cut short by the snow storm knocking out the power, but that didn't stop us from getting a quick picture with the man of the night! Ryder would have played with him all night if we let him :)

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