Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One of My Favorite Parts of Christmas!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas has got to be the Christmas cards. I get so excited opening the mailbox every day in December and getting to open mail from all our friends and family. I love getting to see all the amazing pictures everyone came up with and all the really cool cards everyone came up with. I usually like the challenge of making my own cards, but this year we put off our holiday pictures until the day before we headed out of town to hopefuly capture a picture of the baby bump. You'll notice in the pictures I decided to use they are head shots so it was a pointless idea, but it sounded good at the time. Needless to say my time to create my own card ran out, and I also realized that Christmas cards are almost just as affordable this way!!!

Check out some of these great ideas from Shutterfly.com

I think of of my favorite parts of creating the cards is looking at all the different ideas. I usually find that I tend to pick my "favorites" based on the pictures, and then have to go back and find a card that fits the pictures of our family.
Shutterfly.com is running a great promotion for blog users. For putting up this blog post I will get a code for 50 free Christmas cards!!! (or my mom will because I bought mine already... go figure!) I believe you have until December 10th to apply and until the 15th to submit your blog post. Blog users take advantage of it... it's an amazing deal!!!

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Tricia said...

Thanks, Danielle! I'm totally going to do it and since we have until the 31st of Dec to use them... I'm going to get 50 free birth announcements! YAY! :)